Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My husband has some pretty awesome facial hair.
He had some pretty awesome facial hair in high school.

I am pretty sure he's the reason I love goatees and sideburns so much. And if he'd ever go to an actual hairstylist, he'd have hair to rival Patrick Dempsey. In fact, I think he kind of looks like McDreamy, but that's just cause I think my hubs is pretty hot.

Anyway, he does strange random things with his facial hair.

Grows a beard.

Shaves it off.

Grows it back.

Shaves in a goatee.

Shaves the goatee.

Leaves the mustache. *shiver*

Shaves it off.


This time, he had this desire to look like Wolverine. So,  I helped him out a little bit and he had these amazing chops.

I hated them.

Then they started to grow on me and I decided that it was very '70's and I kind of thought they were hot. Expecially when he wore his jeans and button up shirts with his tie.

He shaved them off yesterday.

He was getting too famous for having such amazing chops.


Jessica said...

Those pictures are seriously awesome! I think your husband is good looking too... but that's because he looks like mine! Our men are sure good at growing facial hair!

mel said...

no doubt ur husband have good look... ^^. i like his expressions in the photos...