Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1 Week...

So today is not only Linus's 2nd birthday, but it's a week since he decided to try out fire walking and failed.

Tomorrow we are going in for his week check up at the burn unit at the U Hospital and I need to vent a little bit...

When we went in, they kind of made it sound like a big deal. They offered a foam that has silver that leaches into the wounds and is an antimicrobial. We don't have to touch his wounds or clean them for a week. Otherwise, they'd show us how to clean, dress, and wrap his wounds, we'd have to clean it twice a day, and they'd give us all of these supplies. And I quote,"If you need anything, please call us. We'll get you in and take care of you. If you have any questions, please call anytime."

So when two days later Linus managed to rip his dressings off twice and then fell into the duck pond, I decided that the foam stuff was ruined, I threw them away, and called to see if we could get in so they could show me how to take care of his wounds without the foam.

"Um... I didn't see his burns, what do they look like?" I told her. "Well, we can get you in on Tuesday..."

Me: "That's great, but we have an appointment Monday and I need to know how to treat them until then."
Girl: "Oh, well, just get Neosporin and some gauze and just try to keep them on as much as you can."
Me: "Well...how often am I supposed to clean them?"
Girl: "Once a day or so."
Me: ......Um.....Ok.

So... I kind of felt that the girl on the phone was not aware of the "call anytime we'll get you in or answer any questions" policy. I felt she didn't give me any information and that we were a hassle. If his burns are bad enough we need to be seen at the burn clinic, why would she think that a week away was ok and NOT give me any information on treatment until then?


AND if we could have just used stuff we had at home...wtf is the deal with "giving" us supplies we are going to be charged quadruple for? Just tell me how I can treat him from home and don't make such a big deal if it isn't.

Anyway, I was just very bugged about the phone call and feeling like I was pulling teeth to get treatment info out of her, she wouldn't transfer me to someone with more knowledge, and A WEEK TO GET IN?? Seriously!?

I am under the opinion that not only are they not very good at wrapping a toddler, they obviously don't have one at home and/or it's been WAY too long since they have. We have yet to come home and have the bandages last the day.

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Ang said...

We had the same thing happen with Drayk last year when he smashed/almost severed his finger. The doc says, don't take these surgical dressings off for a week and we go home and 10 minutes in the door, "Mom, it all came off." I take a look and some stitches went with it! Oh, nasty. I put him in the car and went back to the ER, and had to reregister, very annoying. Amazingly enough, I was not charged for two visits.