Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 2

Linus really doesn't seem to be having much pain right now. We were given instructions to take him into the burn unit the day after the incident, but they were closed. It is a holiday you know. So, after calling around, we decided it was smartest to bring him to the University of Utah Hospital ER since they are the only hospital with a burn unit.

So, I just want to say on a side note: I'm 32 and I have no idea what year it is.

I filled out the paperwork and the guy at the front desk told me Linus was already in the system...I don't know why... and that if I have the ability to travel in time, he'd like to use that ability.


He showed me the date that I wrote down for the day of the accident and I put 07/04/2011. I didn't see anything wrong with that. He gave me a blank stare and it hit me. It's not 2011 is it. I have no idea what year it is. Is this the beginning of "Stay at home dementia?"

The nurse we got was brand new to the hospital. She wasn't a new nurse, she just was new to the U, so she got stuck with "the kid with burns". That's how they divvy out the ones no one wants. "Hey, newbie, you're up"

So we told her the story. Then a doctor with tie dye scrubs came in. We told him the story. Then 2 residents came in and we told them the story. Then 2 burn unit residents came in and we told them the story. Then the big shot burn doctor came in and we told them the story. Sigh.

I felt like I was in an episode of 'Scrubs' and this doctor was like Dr. Cox. He was cranky and mean and it was funny. In retrospect. It was strange to see these intelligent people tripping over themselves trying to please the Doctor and forgoing all common sense.

Ok, I'll say right now, hand and face injuries make me sick. They make me queasy and faint. I can see all sorts of stuff, have seen all sorts of stuff, but a cut on the face or the hands...ugh. No thanks.

Saying that, the burn doctor pulled the gauze off Linus's hands and OH MY GOODNESS!! His hands had doubled in size from the day before. He had the hugest blisters I've ever seen. AND THE DOCTOR WAS GOING AT THEM WITH SCISSORS!!! Gag!

I tried to watch, mostly couldn't, but I did see the  biggest blister being cut and not able to imagine the amount of fluid that came out of it. Then all I could think was... this is like breaking someone's water.  Anyway, they cut the dead skin off of the burns to clean them out, put some more salve on, mummy wrapped him again, and this time Linus did better.  Or maybe my memory is skewed and he was just as bad but I was trying not to gag and pass out that it seemed better.

The doctor gave us a number, told us to call the burn unit tomorrow and say Dr. so-and-so sent us and they'd get him right in. He also gave us a prescription for Oxycodone Elixer. Just for future reference if anyone needs to fill a similar prescription....NO ONE CARRIES IT. The only place we could find it was to go back up to the U pharmacy.

After the doctor and all of the residents left, the nurse gave a big old fist pump. She told us how lucky she was and we were that particular doctor was on call. She said he's one of the best burn doctors and that certainly made her day start great. Instead of her having to clean out a two year old's burns, the doc came in and did a great job and did it for her.

The best part of the day... we were in and out in an hour. Seriously. An hour in the ER. That is unheard of.


Ang said...

Oh, Manda. My skin crawls and my heart aches for poor Linus. That is so sad!! I hope he heals quickly.

Jinksfam said...

Oh I am so sorry for little Linus. I hope he gets better soon! {( hugs)}

Makenzie said...

Not Linus! I'm so sorry that this has happened to both you and him. zit's almost worse to be a worried mother, or big sister, hope he gets better soon.
Lots of love,