Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healing commences

So Monday was our return visit to the burn clinic so they could look at his wounds and then we could move on from there... more dressings, splints, physical therapy, etc.

We got there and after taking all of the dressings off and using a wet washcloth to scrub them, we were given great news... most of it is healed.

He has just a few spots that are still a little weepy and his big burn on his hand is still delicate, but for the most part, he is healed.

They explained that his new skin is pink and shiny and that it is brand new skin like newborn skin. It's pink because it's transparent and it will take 4 to 6 months to built pigment in it. Until then, we have to put lotion on it everyday, continue the stretches, and sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I guess if we don't put sunscreen on his new skin, it'll build more pigment than his other skin and he'll have permanent dark spots.

He does have some bandages still on the couple places that are still healing and a compression bandage on his hand with the palm burn. They sent us home with a ton of stuff (stuff= $$$ :/ ) And we go back in 3 weeks to determine the level of scarring if there is any. If there is, and it's in places that it will cause problems, they said there are things they can do to minimize it.

Anyway, I will post pictures and videos as soon as I find my computer cord to my phone. I don't want to go the extra mile of emailing myself, downloading them from there, then downloading them here... I am lazy like that.

Just a quick note about today. I noticed the when his bandages are on, he won't use his hands. He acts like he is completely disabled. So, in my "mom knows best"ness, I took off everything and let him play. I let him play in the water, the dirt (his weepy wounds are scabbed for now), and his toys. He didn't have any problems and I personally feel this was a better physical therapy to keep his hands stretched than for me to hold his hand for two minutes. He seriously didn't even act like his hands bugged him for the most part. The edges of his burns have skin that is just there and needs to come off. It will in time, but he is a picker and sits and chew on them. Gross. Otherwise, he is doing so super great I am so glad! He is coming along quickly and to say my son fell into hot coals of a fire pit, he has walked away with miraculously minor injuries.

Kind of wonder if God knows that this mom wouldn't be able to deal with real life if it had been worse.

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