Friday, July 30, 2010

My funny for the day

I just had some funny things happen today and wanted to share. 

First off, I was going through some old books that my mom had given me and was just trying to figure out what to keep, give away, completely throw away , etc. I like to flip through all books just because you never know what you'll find. Like $100. 

Ok, no, that didn't happen. But, I did find a cute little Valentine's Day letter from a little girl named Patrice to her mom. 

Dear Mom, 
        I love you. I love you so much. I bet you didn't know that I love you. I do. I love you more than a cross eyed cow.

Love trice.

Um... uber compliment to you mom I guess... I couldn't stop reading that note and giggling over and over. She repeated the "love you more than a cross eyed cow"  over and over and over. 

Secondly, I was at the park with my mom and Linus. Oh and Bea as well. I forget her sometimes cause she is so good and just sits there and eats grass and bugs and dirt and stuff. So, I was playing with Linus and this guy kept calling his little girl "Number 5". 

Number 5? I guess that's easier than a name. I may take that and even though I have only two kids, it's better than calling Linus (who I call Boo quite often) and Bea. 

"Boo, Bea come here!"

Didn't get it? Say it out loud then. Hehehe...or it may be funny when they are teenagers. 

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