Friday, July 16, 2010

My head is obviously not in the right place.

We have been down a car for a little while. This is the way it went.

Matt had a Mazda. I had my Jeep and my Hyundai.... lots of sales, broken cars, and other mishaps later, we have a CNG Blazer in the garage that caught fire just a little bit and is undrivable, the Jeep has brake issues, a Prizm that Matt drives, and nothing for me.

Of course, if I wanted to get up and get myself and kids ready (just enough to ride in the car) in the morning, I'd have a car for all day. But then I'd have to manage my day so that we'd be ready to go and pick him back up. And I'm lazy like that.

So, I walked to the Training Table for some cheese fries with the ultimate dipping sauce. I crave food and sometimes I can't ignore the craving. Even to walk 2.2 miles in the heat. It wasn't bad and the food satisfied my weary soul.

Then I started thinking about it and thought, "Self, there are just a few inches that are being stubborn post-Bea. Maybe a little more exercise will cure that. It usually does."

On Monday, I decided that instead of waking up the babies, I'd just let them sleep and then walk to their doctor's appointment. It isn't as far away as Training Table. (Or so I thought). But I did manage to get there in 30 minutes thanks to the awesomeness of running downhill. With a stroller.

Today. Oh, today is a completely different story.  Today we ran out of milk. Smith's is not very far away and I decided we could walk there. Easy Peasy.

It took us a while to get ready. I decided that I would spare the shoppers of my stinky self and actually shower. We finally got going about 2 after naps and baths and showers and etc.

One block in and my feet started to BURN! I'm talking OMG my feet are on FIRE!!

I forgot to put my shoes on.

Re-read that last sentence. I. forgot. to. put. my. shoes. on.  That, my friends, is where my head is these days.  Where you might ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!!

So, I got back to put my shoes on and made it to Smith's in about 10 minutes. It really is that close.

And then, I tried to actually shop with my stroller. Now don't get me wrong. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means). The stroller was free, it is awesome cause it is single wide/double long so I can get through doors and whatnot, but it doesn't turn very well. Not at all when it comes to a steep grade and a turn. And the basket underneath is ridiculous to get to. So I attempted the stroller maneuver while carrying the basket.

It didn't go well.

I finally finished, got to the checkout, got all of us settled with groceries, got walking and.... Ugh. The basket under the stroller was scraping. I tried taking the heavy stuff out and carrying it. That lasted half a block. I decided to risk the walk, scraping and all, and just walked home.

Thank heavens the kids were able to sleep in the 100 degree weather. Ya, you read that right. 100 degree weather. I decided to take a walk to the store, grab 2 gallons of milk, 2 gallons of apple juice, and other odds and ends and walk back up hill. And I'm not talking a slight grade either.

Where is my head? Again, I don't know.

It took every ounce of energy I had to get the stroller home. The last ounce of energy I had was pushing it up our driveway to  get the stroller into my back yard. Thank God my scraping stroller basket withstood the scraping walk and I didn't end up with groceries to carry on my shoulders as well as pushing the darn thing. \\

Did I mention I had hamburger in the diaper bag?

We got home, I almost collapsed, I realized I hadn't eaten anything yet today, and the kid meltdowns proceeded. Linus was hysterical because he woke up and wasn't well rested, started crying, started wiping his face, got sunscreen in his eyes, which started the whole cycle over. Bea woke up to him screaming, decided she needed to join in. I tried to put her back to bed but that was pointless. If she falls asleep for even a minute and is woken up, she's up. I tried to take care of Linus and his poor eyes. I still needed to put the food away. I REALLY needed water and some sugar.

I got things somewhat under control and 10 minutes later, Matt walked in the door. Two hours earlier than normal.

That was a bittersweet welcome surprise for me. I could have waited a little bit and just taken the car, but I didn't know he'd be home early.

Here it is, 11:15pm. I am so exhausted that I can't sleep. But my pants are already fitting better.

And I don't care if it is just water weight. They still fit better.

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Jessica said...

Ha! You are hilarious. What an outing. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to tell if my head rolled away. I use it so little some days:)

No shoes. HA, still laughing about that. Thanks for the smile.