Sunday, July 25, 2010

TJ's German Adventure Part 1

So, because I am so cool, I have a guest blogger... hahaha. Actually, my brother is in Germany and I know that not everyone has facebook, so I asked if as he wrote about his German Adventure, I could re-post here.


TJ Edwards On July 20 I left the United States, and landed in Stuttgart on the 21st. Butterflies the whole way. I didn't know where I was staying, what my responsibilities were, how to speak the language...pretty much shooting in the dark. When I landed, I went to the information desk, showed the woman the name of the town where I needed to go, and was on the bus ten minutes later. 

Small details. Instead of going to Reidling then to Mörsingen, I went to Rütlingen on the way to Mössingen. I spent the better part of the day in a delirious confusion caused by exhaustion and dehydration. Surprisingly it took more than three hours to find someone who spoke enough English to help me get where I needed to go. 

Eventually I was convinced to go back to Rütlingen. On the train I fell asleep between every stop, for how long who knows. When I got off the train, I wandered into a restaurant (aptly named Relax). All I wanted was to have a glass of water a pint and to regroup. Instead, I got a glass of water, a pint, directions to the Internet cafe, detailed bus schedule that would take me to Zwiefalten, a couple laughs, another pint, and a feeling of the bars namesake that I haven't felt in weeks.

An hour and a half later I was being welcomed to the Zwiefalten, and ushered to Mörsingen. In hindsight, it is not surprising that I was given slightly "off" directions, this town where I am now residing for the next two months has just over one hundred residents. 

Susanne met me at the bus station, her smile alone would have convinced me I made the right choice coming here. It is still all new but her generosity, enthusiasm, and kindness are all perfectly reflected in that first "Hallo." 

I felt surprisingly well the second day, and was ready to get started. Susanne sells much of her work through craft fairs and markets all around Europe. Her most recent, one day prior, was in the UK. Her ritual, for returning from a market is to unpack everything, clean/organize the studio, then back to work. We worked half of the day, and her boyfriend, and his three children arrived. A few hours later, Susanne's sister and a couple of her neighbors showed up too. "To check out the Amerikaner," she said.

Wonderful schnitzel, bonfire, and volleyball until it started to rain. Then it was onto the salon, to have more fire and beer and conversation til the wee hours. 

Today we semi started working, she says we work really be able to begin until Monday, the children will be gone and it won't be so much like a holiday. I am very flattered by her compliments. "I have never had an assistant who could throw already, did you come from heaven. I work half the time and there are already twice the pots." 

Early afternoon we all went for a short walk in the forest, there are several loops to take ranging from one hour to many. As we finished the rain came in full force, and uncharacteristically so. Most of the rest of the day was spent drinking tea and chatting. 
Switching to beer, having dinner, evening bonfire...and now sleep.

Gute Nacht

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