Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For happiness sake.

Once upon a time, I lived in a very old house. And then that house burned down and someone in the youth group I was part of in church had the brilliant idea in getting a journal. One for me. One for Tyne. And they passed it around the other girls in this group and had everyone write down their fondest memory or what they really liked about us. I can't remember what they called it, but still to this day, I love to go back and read the good qualities that others noticed and remember that if it touched them, then I should continue and find ways to greater strengthen it.

Then, I had a random facebook message from an old old friend from elementary school. I instantly remembered something that was a fond memory of him and wondered if he even remembered it.

Then, I remembered being told of a fond memory and realizing that I didn't remember until being told and that, yes, it WAS a fond memory. Thanks for jogging the cogs a bit.

THEN I remembered that it is my husband's grandfather's 80th birthday coming up and thought I'd pass this along. Mostly because there comes a point in your life, I think, that you really have everything you need. You probably have everything you want but could always upgrade them for more pricey, luxury items, but why do that? There is a point that people treasure the home made gifts, the pictures, the simple notes, the more 'heartfelt' gifts much more than the ones that may be useful.

It turns out, that he is kind of like me, and I love to keep old notes, cards, silly sentimental things and go back through them. I love to reminisce of those times and, yes, I am the kind of person that loves to sit and look at other's vacation pictures and family albums because it interests me. I love to read old letters. Not only mine, but finding my parents' love letters or old correspondence from or to my Grandparents is just so interesting.

I told my DMIL that maybe they could get a journal and pass it around to family and friends of Reed and let them write in it their fondest memory or how he touched their life. Just to kind of send him down a great memory lane for his birthday. Something he can go back to and read later.

So, THEN it prompted me to send this out to those of you who read this. Go to your email, your facebook, your myspace, your address book, and to everyone that you can, send them a short note of your fondest memory of them. Don't ask for something back, just put your memory out there for that person to have and hold on to as long as they'd like. I think you'll be surprised at the responses you get back.

This is my version of "The Happiness Project."

Try it. I think you'll like it.

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