Friday, August 27, 2010

If it's war that you want, then it is war that you shall receive. >:(

Yesterday morning, I got a knock on the door and opened to find the fire marshal there.

I guess he has gotten a couple of "anonymous" complaints about our fire pit aka fire place that is built out of stone out in our backyard.

He was really nice and explained that he has to do this a couple times a week and it's usually from neighbors who are just trying to cause trouble.

Um...ya... you think? If it was really an issue, wouldn't the fire department be called at the occurrence of something happening?

The fire department has been called on us before and they just come over, find out it's in our fireplace out back and then leave.

Anonymous my ass.

He told us the rules and I explained that I'm pretty sure it's from the lady who tore the fence down and now her bushes are browning from the heat.

Matt and I are really losing patience with her. She is just exacerbating a problem that wasn't a problem and she is just causing one and then making it worse. Remember the fence fiasco?

My dear MIL suggested we kill her with kindness, which in most cases would work I think. But with this lady, the nicer you are, the more she thinks she can tell you what needs to happen and then nag you about it.  She is manipulative and uses confrontation as a way of bullying the neighbors. At first we were nice and then it got to where I dreaded going into my backyard because she'd come hurrying out to nag me about one thing or the other. Our trees, the fence, the vines on the wires, the dogs, the kids, the rose bush, etc. Literally every day she'd come out and nag me about something. I'm afraid she wasn't aware of who moved in... Matt isn't one to be bullied. He was tolerant of her at first, but...well... I don't think there is any tolerance left. I want to say "poor lady", but I have absolutely no sympathy toward her. None.

It finally got to where I am pretty sure she could tell neither of us wanted to talk to her ever again. I am pretty sure I made that abundantly clear the last time we talked about the "firepit".

And then, when our chickens got into her back yard under the chicken wire fence we put up to keep the animals in our yard, we opened up a place for them to get back and they just came back over. When they were all back over, she came out with hands on hips. "Looks like you have a problem with your chickens. Sure hope this doesn't happen again." Really? I've never heard such a ridiculous statement used with such a threat behind it. We pretty much ignored her and found the spots that they were able to crawl under and just lowered the fence.

I think I hate this woman. They are chickens for Pete's Sake!! She even mentioned to my mom that she was surprised we let them run around with the kids in the yard.


Today, she came over and said, "Some of my friends who come over to play bridge noticed that Linus is left alone outside a lot."


I'm just saying right now, that if she involves my parenting into this little control game she insists on playing, things are going to get ugly. U.G.L.Y.

I kind of told her like she was stupid for even bringing something like this up that we have a window. I can look outside to keep an eye on him. I don't leave him unsupervised. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I can't see him.

She returned with "Oh, well I'll let them know. You know, with that wading pool there and all."

Stay out of my fuzzing business!!

 It should be interesting when authorities are "anonymously" called on our parenting.

I'm afraid things are going to get ugly around here. Very ugly indeed. :/

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