Sunday, September 5, 2010

Am I invisible here?

Please bear with me as I try to type this. I ripped off the skin from two of my typing fingers. Mainly the Shift, A, Q, Z, F, R, T, G, B, V keys. It's a little tough typing on the tips when the fingers don't want to bend due to band-aids. It's the nightmare of piano lessons all over again.


Anyway, I am not sure what prompted this memory, but it's my favorite ex-boyfriend story.

This particular guy liked to drive. Just to look at things, find new things, find new routes, etc. So we would just get into the car and drive and drive.

He also loved his cell phone. He is very much the social butterfly. Even more so than I am in my finest moments. He is always sending and receiving texts and phone calls.

One day we were out for a drive. It was a beautiful day, the radio was playing, and I remembered I had something I wanted to tell him. He turned the radio down and commenced listening to my story.

I got halfway through my story and he picked up his phone, dialed someone, and started to talk.

O.O <------------ That is what my eyes did.

"WHAT?!?!?" is what my mouth tried to say.

I was completely dumbfounded that he would just pick up his phone like he was alone in the car.

It wasn't until after he was off the phone, and I must have been looking at him with "I'm going to fuzzing kill you!" written all over my face, that he realized what he had done.

Ya... try to back track on that one buddy.

I want to hear some of your funny/what the heck/crazy dating stories some of you might have.

Email me at

Let me know if I can print it on my blog or if it is to remain a private story. I just love hearing these stories, and  even though I don't need the reminder, reminding me why I am so happy to be married. :D

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