Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mommy group

Hey moms out there...

I have an idea and I'm wondering who would be interested, who would participate, etc.

I'd like to start up a website that is by invite only, so only those who are part of the group can see the posts.

I would like to get it so that mommas in the Utah area can join up, post when they have something they are doing like going to the zoo, the museum, the park, etc. and then other moms can see when and where and chime in that they'd like to meet up.

There are so many times that I find out that a friend has gone to the zoo or to Red Butte and they were by themselves and who wants to freaking call everyone on your list to see who wants to go?

I know that there are groups of moms who like to get together and I HATEHATEHATE trying to do the three/four/five way "what time, day, place is good for you?"

I haven't asked my hubs yet (although if he reads this first...hi Honey, thanks!!) but he writes computer programs for a living and works with the online banking portion of the bank where he works. He has created a few internet pages and I am pretty sure he wouldn't mind setting something up that is secure and safe so random people can't just look at what is going on with this group.

I would like it so that moms way up North can get together. Or that moms that are heading North or heading South can meet up with others in the area.

Does this make sense?

Does anyone have any ideas or feedback to help me with this? I would like to include others in other states, and maybe at some point we can do that, but for right now, I'd just like to focus on the Utah Mommas.

Help me out ladies! Let's get a community of moms together so we can meet others. So we can support each other. Let's make this a little easier than calling one friend here and there. I don't get out as much as I'd like because quite frankly it's a hassle and I hate that I feel that I may be neglecting one friend or another.

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Jinksfam said...

You are honestly so smart!! That is a great idea! Let me know if there is anything I can do.