Saturday, September 11, 2010

Phases and Stages

I know that all kids go through phases and stages.

I am really enjoying Linus's different things that he does. 

Right now, no matter if it is a nap during the day or if it is dark outside and he can't see anything, he will go around his room and pile up all of his toys, blankets, and books around him as he sleeps. 

He has a dump truck that has a couple of buttons on it that make it rattle and sound like a truck and the wheels go or music starts up. I have to go in when I know he is asleep because if I don't, he'll wiggle around and set it off and wake himself up. 

I have to take this out of his crib.

He piles his books all around him and that can't be comfortable.

And his favorite is a bug pull toy that vibrates after you pull it. It's noisy. It's a bug. 

He's into bugs right now. 

He was smelling the flowers out front and there was a bug in one of them. It was the funniest dang thing watching him try to run up the hill while screaming. Sometimes he likes them, sometimes they freak him out. And he loves to pick up dead flies by the wings and flush them.

He also has started walking around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He's started drooling again a little bit and I am not sure what's going on. He isn't teething and his nose isn't stuffed up like it was when the dogs were living here at home. I'm not sure if he's just really becoming aware of his tongue now that he's really trying to talk or what. I'm terrified he's going to fall and bite it off.

He's FINALLY started to show signs of becoming ready to be potty trained. He is showing signs of recognizing the need to pee and he will climb out of the tub if he has to poop. 

Right now, his two words he says all the time other than "Mommy" and "Daddy" are "Wally" and "Bubbles".  I love how he says "Wally"'s just like in the movie when WALL-E introduces himself to EVE. And "bubbles" is boooboools. 

He's been so fun and so tough. We are working on picking up toys and books right now and he can't stop throwing them. In fact, he can't stop throwing anything. I am really working on teaching him that throwing things in the house is not allowed. Sigh. I have not been very successful.

My favorite thing though, we were at Costco and I looked down at him in the cart and he had his finger shoved up into his nose. Little kid fingers shoved into their noses look like they somehow manage to shove them up past the last knuckle. I know I should think it is cute, but he just sits there with his finger in his nose. Not sure what he's doing, but he looks at me and just chuckles. It's great.

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