Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is not what I was thinking.

Six months ago...has it really only been 6 months?! I feel like I have lived a life time in 6 months. Kids really do age you... anyway, 6 months ago, we took Linus into the Asthma and Allergy Clinic to find out what cause the asthma attack that put him in the hospital for 3 days.

What?! Linus in the hospital?! I must be joking... alas, I am not. :)

So, the initial diagnosis was that he had severe allergies to rats and mice, moderate allergies to dog saliva and dander, mild allergies to some grasses, cats, rabbits, deer, eggs, and nothing to peanuts or birds.

We have had his allergies under control for the most part and due to the inevitable dog run-in, he is mostly runny nose free. We have gotten him off of his singulair, flovent, and albuterol on a daily basis to albuterol only as needed and using benedryl and claritin as prevention.

The doctor wanted to see him at the 6 month mark to see how treatment was going and how he was responding and if there were any changes.

Because of his allergy to eggs, she did a scratch test for egg to see how bad it was and a scratch test for the flu shot since it is created in the egg yolk. She also decided to test him for peanuts and tree nuts just for the in case.

Poor little guy got his scratch tests, I had no idea we were doing that this visit, he cried, he wiggled cause he was uncomfortable, and then we saw that he was negative for peanuts and flu, barely discernible for tree nuts, and a bigger reaction to egg than last time.

I did ask her if duck eggs were more or less the same as chicken eggs, or if he would be able to eat duck eggs with no problem. Apparently, there have been no studies done on the subject. So, no eggs period.

He got his flu shot.

Then, I got a prescription for an epi-pen...that left me a little speechless. I am not sure that I was ever expecting that in this whole fiasco of allergies.

She explained that food allergies can become anaphylaxic quickly and unexpectedly. He could be just fine and just naturally grow out of his food allergy which is common, but there is a new protocol for food allergies and that is to prescribe the epi pen just to avoid any severe complications.

Matt brought them home and was thoroughly freaked out when the pharmacist told him to be careful. One pharmacist ended up with the needle shoved through the finger, through the fingernail, and out the other side.


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