Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't let my brilliance blind you.

I once upon a time started a blog. I love to journal and I love to write things down and what better way to do so than on a computer that I have and I don't have to worry about my handwriting and I can eventually turn this into a book for my kids. I figured I'd eventually run out of things to write about. 

I guess I totally forgot what my life is like and who I am. 

My sister has been going out of town a lot lately so my sister, my mom, her friend, and I have been doing what we can to split up the time and watch the kids. 

The two older boys go with their dad, which is nice, and the younger two need to be watched. She is also watching a little boy who is 5. I don't know the details regarding him watching this little boy, other than, his mom is out of the picture, his dad is going to school out of state and will be back, but it's too difficult to take B with him. 

And before I get too far into the story, keep in mind that B is 5, he lives with his dad, and his dad has NO rules and lets B run the house. 

He's manipulative and tough. 

Friday night I went to watch the 3 boys and had my two with me. Hammy doesn't sleep well, so he was up frequently and in turn woke up Bea. It was a long night. 

Hammy and Chasey woke up early early early and decided to yell at each other from across the room like they were in an auditorium instead of a small bedroom. So, we all got up at 7am. 

And I needed a soda. 

I got us all as ready as I needed to run down the street to the gas station that has good ice and I just want to say car seats are a pain. B had one meltdown and I needed to get my intolerance of that out of the way quickly. He's 5. He doesn't need to act like that and he knows better, but he pushes his limits because he can get away with it with his dad. 

After we got back to the house from my soda run, the kids got to playing and I got to cleaning. It is always easier to clean someone else's house and I know my sister doesn't have a whole lot of time or energy to clean. I don't have the energy to clean my own house and I'm not a single mom that works full time and takes care of 4-5 kids. No thank you. I figured it was the least I could do to help her out a little bit. 

So, B is tough, I've mentioned that. His thing right now is to request food and then not eat it and just throw it away. So we started the morning with him making a sandwich. He wanted a breakfast bar after seeing the other kids eating theirs and I made him eat his sandwich first. He did. He then went and got his own breakfast bar and squished it trying to open it. He wouldn't eat it because he'd squished it. He then wanted cheetos from the gas station. We got home and he wanted a sandwich, a breakfast bar, string cheese, popcorn, etc. I hate feeling like such a jerk to a kid, but I had to be tough and explain he needed to finish his food first before he can start something else. That it is wasteful and that we don't have enough money to just throw stuff away. 

And he's a tattletale to the extreme. 

But then, so is Chasey. I'm not anti-other kids. My other sister has a little girl who is manipulative and is tough. That doesn't mean I don't love her or even like her. It just is how she is. Doesn't mean I don't like B. Just trying to explain that he's tough. 

Plus he repeats himself. Nonstop. 

So, I managed to get myself ready for the day mostly, get the kids ready for the day, get cleaning, and Grandma and Grandpa came to get Linus and Bea. Which was very awesome so I didn't have to drive to 

Brigham and then back to Salt Lake. 

So, once my two were gone, I just needed to finish up and get us all loaded into the car to head to Salt Lake to drop the boys off at my other sister's house.  And I needed to get home as soon as possible since we were having people over than evening and I wanted to clean my house. 

I sometimes get anxiety over the dumbest things. 

I was getting the kids all packed up and it's the final details that always get me. I should probably make a list and that would help, but I never do.

I got all of the bags into the trunk, I got all of my stuff into the car, I was getting ready to put the car seats in and the back door was locked. Linus's side always locks. So I opened the front door, unlocked the doors, shut the door, and as the door was shutting realized I'd locked it. I'd just locked the doors to the car.

With my keys inside. With my phone inside. With the house locked.

And no coat on.


As much as I hate doing it, I ran next door to see if I could borrow their phone to call Matt to see if he could bring the key to the Camry. Ugh!!

Called Matt, turns out the police car out front was not just a prop and the police officer was home, and offered to open the door for me. And I'd just caught him before he left. 

He came over, wedged it open, popped the lock, and took off. I was so thankful!! Starting digging for my keys in my purse that were in the front seat... 

They weren't there.

Oh Geez, were they in my pockets this whole time??


I realized that I had left them in the key hole in the trunk. My keys were out, easily available, and I forgot.

I'm so glad the neighbor didn't see them.

Please, don't let my brilliance blind you because it blinds my husband as he's laughing.


Ang said...

Cop must have been cute! : )

Mandy B said...

I wish. I was just frazzled and ready to be home. He was just an older guy who was in his gear to go duck hunting. :)

Hollie Wood said...

A day in the life of me...oh wait, this was you! *phew* but thankyouohsomuch for the laugh!