Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

Ok, ok, yeah that's a Peanut's reference which I hate doing because of Linus's name. He's not named after THE Linus Van Pelt with the Blue Blanket.

But, I thought that I should mention that this was the best Thanksgiving.

So far.

I think as I grow older and realize what I have, where I am, where I could be, and the many blessings that really are in my life, every Thanksgiving is better than the last.

I can't say that I enjoy the chaos of the HUGE family events because both my husband and I have this social anxiety that kind of renders us full of nerves. My son has a hard time with the crowd at first and my daughter is scared to death of my dad. *shrug*

I do, however, enjoy seeing my siblings, parents, and when we get to go to Matt's, his family. I love to just sit back and soak in the family-ness.

And then.... the food.

That is my favorite part and I would actually rather just have Thanksgiving dinner at my house, with my husband and kids, so that I can have ALL of the leftovers!! I love it love it love it.

This year I made the sweet potatoes and used this recipe. Delicous. Although I did use almonds instead, it turned out very good. (Even after I dropped it and it slid down the stairs and all of the marshmallows ended up on one end of the pan. I am thankful for locking pan lids.)

I also made the pumpkin pie. I use the pumpkin in a can and the recipe on the label. This year though, I added a capful of vanilla to the recipe.

Every thing is better with vanilla.

I always have some filling left over, so I used a bread bowl my brother made me and put the rest of the filling in it and then put the cooked filler into pre-made frozen filo dough shells. They are crispy, bite sized pieces of heaven.

I am thankful for Stovetop Stuffing because it's hard to find someone who can make good stuffing. There is usually an overload of sage. Or Sausage. Or too dry. Matt's Grandma has a great recipe, we did not get to eat it this year.

Anyway, so, yeah, I am thankful for getting older, for making mistakes so I am able to appreciate the blessings I do have and I'm able to acknowledge things that I can be and should be thankful for.

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