Friday, November 12, 2010

Totally and completely out of my element... and then there was volunteer info.

So, I stay at home. And I use the internet to keep my company most days. There is a woman whom I've been following her blog for a while now and because I'm a stalker, totally facebook friended her. She posted something about coming out the the Ronald McDonald House for the Give a Hand fundraiser. I thought... cool, I need to get out, I know the house has really helped a lot of people out, sooooo.... let's go!

We got there an hour late, I walked in, and realized that I had absolutely no idea, whatsoever, what I had decided to be a part of.

I attended my first mommy blogger meeting... o.O

Um.... Yeah.

I love writing on my blog, I love sharing my life, I love reading blogs, but I don't have a blog like these ladies.

I don't have the GINORMOUS... and I mean GINORMOUS audience... and those who read and enjoy, thank you. I don't have what seems to be the uniform ie: the super cute giant huge purse, the really cute clothes, the all put together look (I have no idea how to accessorize. In fact you could give me all of the accessories and I'd put them on and feel like a complete idiot.), and camera.

I kind of felt like I was accidentally invited to the party with the cool kids. These ladies were very professional, very obviously have done this type of thing before, and totally made me feel very welcome. All the while I had a deer in the headlights look on my face, I'm sure.

By the way, can I just interject here that Linus totally flirted with Loralee and it was the cutest thing ever. He gave her this smile and batted his eyelashes at her. She really is that cute. He doesn't do that for anyone.
Anyway, the blogging ladies I met there, were Elisa from mormonmommyblogs, Veronica from welcometomychaos, and Loralee from loraleeslooneytunes. There was another woman there, but she left before I could meet her.  There were two other ladies there who work for different companies, and I'm not very clear on exactly what they do there, but Barbara Schmiett works at BRS Marketing Communications and Heather Johnson who works at GolinHarris.

Can I just say, thank you ladies for giving me some great adult time and even greater lady time?!

Ok, onto the volunteer info... All of you know about the Ronald McDonald House. It is a place for families to stay while their kids are in the hospital. Without going back and reading their whole story, I do believe a couple I have known forever stayed there a night or two while their daughter was at Primary's.

They've kicked off McHappy Day and are offering an invitation for customers to purchase a "Give A Hand" for $1 and the proceeds will go the local Ronald McDonald House Charities. It is going from November 10-20. They are also doing a contest. You can win $500 for you and $5000 for your local RMHC. 

Along with that, we were given a list of volunteer project ideas and needs that the house has. A few of these include: Sack Lunch Kits, Hand-tie Quilts, Pop Tabs, Housekeeping/Yard Work, and the Wish List of needs the RMCH of the Intermountain Area is large. Check out for a list of things that are needed.

And now... a few pictures to delight the audience... keep in  mind they are either my crappy phone camera or pictures that were so kindly emailed to me. :D

These are the two I got on my phone... does it look like Linus and Ronald are like the repelling ends of magnets because that's what it felt like holding him. But he did smile for the camera. He's getting that cheesy grin down good.

The ladies did fun pictures with Ronald behind the glass... this is Elisa the only one I could get ... It takes 5 minutes just to get the camera going on the good old telly of mine. LOL
Keep in mind these photos are all 's (As she so smartly puts on her photos.) She's the beauty in the red.

P.S. This Ronald just happens to be fluent in Spanish which is very nice considering the large Spanish speaking population we have. Awesome!

Yup, he can walk in those suckers.

RMHC Kitchen

RMHC Gameroom

and more Gameroom.

So, I completely got to the RMHC and almost didn't go in. I had a small anxiety attack. I had no idea what was going on, what I should expect, I had no clue. Period. I am a social butterfly who gets a little social anxiety and has not had a chance to groom my skills in a while. I completely went out of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did. Thanks ladies! I am really looking forward to actually helping out a little and maybe this will give me and the very nice and not at all crazy lady next door something to "bond" over. I just found out via the Mr. that she volunteers every Saturday there.

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Shannon said...

You look adorable if you ask me! That is such a good cause to help out with. I'm going to look and see if there are any projects I can help out with. Maybe they have a dire need for crocheted items!