Thursday, December 30, 2010


I don't normally get the flu shot because I've only had the flu twice in my life. I figure that my odds are pretty good that I won't get it. I went to a different doctor and she just offered it and since I was getting the tetanus shot, I figured... why not?!

Linus had just started  preschool, so that was pretty much a dumb idea. I know that your immune system is a little compromised while it is building up the immunities from the vaccines and I immediately caught a cold. Not just a stuffy nose but a full on cold.

Normally, I'd just suck it up, but we were traveling through some mountainous areas and the pressure in my ears was so terrible I had to start taking some decongestants. That stuff dries you out.

Then, it was, well, you know... that time of the month. And all I could do was eat salty stuff. And that dries you out.

I started to not feel very well and every time I even thought of water I wanted to throw up. I started to feel like I was pregnant: exhausted, nauseous, a little out of it in the head (more than normal I guess. haha) and when I started to get muscle cramps and stomach cramps, I figured it was time to see the doctor.

I guess with all of this stuff going on, I wasn't getting enough to drink, I was drinking more coffee just to stay awake and further dehydrating myself. On top of that, I had a kidney infection. So, I got to sit, all by myself, in the quiet of the hospital, reading my book I had downloaded on my ipad, getting stuck with an IV by a great woman who does that sort of thing regularly in the infusion room at the hospital. I got two bags of saline, froze my bum off not realizing that was how I was going to spend my afternoon, and still felt awful.

I peed that morning and didn't pee again until 7pm. Bad sign I guess. I didn't feel better until the next day or so. Even then, I was still tired but the mental confusion had really been eliminated. That was the scary part. I knew I was supposed to know the questions being asked of me, but I couldn't get the info to come up. To just sit staring into space trying to figure out what I wanted to say, or figure out what day of the week it was... it kind of makes me wonder if that's how Alzheimer's patients feel.

Further proof that I am not doing a good job of taking care of myself. I am having a hard time taking some time out for myself. Having two kids doubles the demands and sometimes it is hard to ignore their needs for just a minute to meet my own.

Lesson learned. Babies, you can cry it out for just a bit sometimes. :)

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