Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spirit of Christmas Past

I have quite a few great Christmas memories and I just thought I'd share a few in hopes that someone will respond with some good memories of their own.

I can't for the life of me remember how old I was, but I got stupid red bike. I hated red and it had TRAINING WHEELS ON THEM! And it wasn't wrapped. Ignore the fact that I had no idea how to ride a bike and had no idea how you'd actually wrap a present like that, but I was bugged. Until, that is, my little sister started to unwrap her huge, giant monstrous box. Inside of that was a smaller box and a smaller box and a smaller box until she got to one of those plastic boxes that used to hold crayons that weren't Crayolas. Inside of that was a coupon for a bike. At that point, I don't think I cared quite as much about my bike, because that was just fun.  Let's do that again, Mom!

I remember the year we got our first microwave. Not just any microwave either... this was the '56 Buick of microwaves. I am pretty sure it was a big as my dishwasher. It was huge. I think we were one of the first ones to get one. It was pretty awesome. Especially when we found out that metal wasn't supposed to go in them.

I remember the year that the Nintendo came out. It was the toy of the year and completely on back order. All of us kids were completely crushed when we were done opening presents and there was no Nintendo. My mom whipped out a present and inside was a bandaid box. ??? Inside was a puzzle. We set to put it together and what she had done was cut out the word Nintendo and cut it up so that was the puzzle. When we put it together, she explained that as soon as it came in to Sears, we could go pick it up. WE WERE GETTING A NINTENDO!!

There was one year that my dad bought the Salvation Army's whole selection of ugly sweaters and that was our Christmas presents that year. 100 ugly sweaters.

This was the first year that Matt and I had a tree, so this will be a Christmas to remember. Especially with Linus getting old enough to really enjoy it more.

I will also remember this Christmas as being one that I completely managed to help a friend out and make sure her family had Christmas. I am pretty sure there were others that helped them out and I am not some sort of "hero" or whatever. It's just that this is not something I do. I don't plan, organize, and follow through with stuff like this. I would like to think that there was some divine intervention there. Or a lot of love. So, Friend, know that no matter what, I love you and your family. And I can not thank those who offered to help out enough. I will be sending personal thank you cards in the mail soon just to show you how much it meant to me. Just waiting for the buzz of the holidays to settle down a little.

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