Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

What is the spirit of Christmas to you?

I know that everyone wants to say that Christmas to them is celebrating the birth of Christ.

To me, I'd like to think that it is a bit more than just that.

I kind of think it is a celebration of our friends and family.

So, in lieu of the Spirit of Christmas... I'm enlisting all of my friends and family to help a dear friend of mine who is struggling this year. I am creating my own private angel tree to help my friend have a Christmas for her kids. Kids know gifts and kids are kids. They don't understand financial issues, especially if they are new to the family. I am pretty sure that my friend, her husband, and kids also NEED things that aren't just about toys and fun. And I don't think there are many of you out there who would, in a state of need, just dump on your children that there is no Santa.

I don't have the funds to create a Christmas for her, so I am asking...

Please, I need gifts for an 8 year old boy, a 6 year old girl, and a 3 year old boy.

The children particularly want:
8 year old - a remote control car or motorcycle, a monkey pillow pet, and is in need of shoes 1 1/2.
6 year old - a Brat or Barbie doll that comes with something you do your own hair with (she's confused as to what this is... kids... you know. LOL), a unicorn pillow pet, and shoes 11 1/2
3 year old - star wars legos, puppy pillow pet, and shoes size 8.

Or if there is something else you get the intuition that a child of this age might like... well, all gifts would be greatly appreciated.

Please, friends, will you help me help this family whom I've known for a long time? Don't sit back and think that someone else will do it. Just 9 people really. That's all I need. More would probably just be an amazing Christmas for the kids. Be the one to step up and just buy ONE thing. $15-$20 isn't too much to make a child's day.

If you are willing and able and are in the state, I'll come pick them up. Email me if you have an interest so I don't end up with 15 puppy pillows. :D And I can organize a pick up.

Please, help make a Christmas miracle come true for a family.

Thank you. email:

Oh, and an after thought, I am sure that mom and dad might need or want something. Inspiring gifting happens all the time... if it seems right, do it. This mom friend of mine is working very long and hard hours so she wasn't able to sit down to let me know if she or her husband need anything. Let the Spirit talk to you.


Sara said...

Have you gotten any response? I could get a pillow pet or a pair of shoes. Let me know. :)

Mandy B said...

Pillow pets are taken care of, and the 3 year old shoes as well. Thank you so much!!

Sara said...

I might have some other purchases to pick up, so make sure they just hand over the shoes. :)

Sara said...

I thought you said everything was covered. ??

Mandy B said...

Shoes and pillow pets are all covered. It's just the remaining toys that are a little harder to get. And I'm sure that any toys are welcome by kids. :)