Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our first Christmas Tree

I know that all of my posts these days are all out of whack. I am just writing as I'm inspired.

This is the first year that Matt and I got a Christmas tree. We either didn't have the room or we didn't have a place or we had dogs that we figured would ruin it.

This year, Matt went to Home Depot and just grabbed one of the trees that was still tied up with string...Oh, it smelled so good.

We got the sucker into the tree stand/waterer and I started to clip the string fully expecting it to pop open at me.

That wasn't the case at all.

And while I was going to show you the cool photos I took of the beginning to end... I'm a technotard and completely deleted the first couple of tree photos. Blah! So, here are some the ending ones and I just wanted to describe how awesome it was to watch the tree unfold itself. If you have never had a real tree and you've never had one is an experience you really should have at least once.

And because I am technologically hampered, I ended up not deleting what I thought I did or it ended up in a completely different file... I have no idea... just that I have my pictures. WOO!

Slowly, slowly unfurling

Almost done...

2 Vacuum bags full of pine needles later
The beginning process of decorating. (Lights only due to the toddler factor)

The unfurling of the tree was just amazing. I can't wait (if I can bear to do the pine needle thing again) to do this with the kids and see if they find it as mesmerizing as I did. 

You could hear it. 

It was almost like you could hear the tree stretching and letting loose of pine needles that didn't need to be there. It was amazingly subtle yet noisy and busy at the same time. 

After the smell of the real thing, this was my favorite part. 

And now... for the final ta-da!

And for any of you that would love to see this, I videoed Linus's first Christmas program at school. It was a very small production, just a few songs they "performed" (they are 18 months to 2 years, Miss Bertha did pretty great with what she has to work with. LOL) Anyway, here is my favorite video cause Linus dances in it. The little boy next to him only says "poo", another girl there just plays with her belly button, and my favorite little friend of his always wears dresses and always twirls. Unfortunately, she's taught Linus to twirl but I think it's cute. It's totally out of focus because I didn't realize that my camera was focusing on the arm directly in front of me. But you get the gist of it. You can see the snowflakes on the floor from the other songs they did. 

And here is Linus and I making a cookie and decorating it at school....soooooo good. They are awesome there, I totally forget about his egg allergy sometimes and they made sure I knew which cookies were specially made without eggs just for my little curmudgeon. I sure like his school. 

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