Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, not only did my son give me my very first covered wagon. ( That's what they are called right? When you fart and then cover someones head with the covers?)

But, my 2 year old, who has just started talking just called me "Big Mommy".

Are you kidding me?!

And how can I not smile at this cute little face?

Random bouts of dancing lately. I love love love it!!

I just think he's beautiful. I can't stay mad for long at him. Even though the two's have started him trying to gouge my eyes out in his tempers. :/
And Little B... you give her food and she shoves as much of it in her hands as she can and then shoves it in her face as fast as she can. Laughing the whole time. I had to keep taking pictures of this because it was so funny that she thought she was so funny (notice the 3 pieces of cheese she's got in her hands. LOL)

Quick question for moms out there... what have you done regarding pajamas where they aren't quite tall enough for one size but too chunky in the legs or belly for the right size? Does that make sense? She's in 18 month jammies but her thighs are too fat and her feet are too long. In 24 months, she has dangling legs trailing behind her and she trips and trips and trips and then gets mad. Any suggestions out there?


Angela said...

You could put her in the larger size pajama and cut the feet off. That is what people used to do when the feet were wearing out. I suppose it would work for this too!

Brein said...

Your kids are too cute! I have short round little babies, so I always buy a size up and then just hike up the legs. Their feet always come out eventually but it works. Good luck! And be glad you've got some tall genes working for your kiddos. Mine have no hope. ;)

mel said...

they're so adorable... ^^,

Jinksfam said...

So cute!! I love it when my kids dance! girls shove as much as they can into their mouths too!! Its pretty funny!

Megan said...

What cute kids. It looks like they keep things fun at your house. :)