Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, not only did my son give me my very first covered wagon. ( That's what they are called right? When you fart and then cover someones head with the covers?)

But, my 2 year old, who has just started talking just called me "Big Mommy".

Are you kidding me?!

And how can I not smile at this cute little face?

Random bouts of dancing lately. I love love love it!!

I just think he's beautiful. I can't stay mad for long at him. Even though the two's have started him trying to gouge my eyes out in his tempers. :/
And Little B... you give her food and she shoves as much of it in her hands as she can and then shoves it in her face as fast as she can. Laughing the whole time. I had to keep taking pictures of this because it was so funny that she thought she was so funny (notice the 3 pieces of cheese she's got in her hands. LOL)

Quick question for moms out there... what have you done regarding pajamas where they aren't quite tall enough for one size but too chunky in the legs or belly for the right size? Does that make sense? She's in 18 month jammies but her thighs are too fat and her feet are too long. In 24 months, she has dangling legs trailing behind her and she trips and trips and trips and then gets mad. Any suggestions out there?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our first Christmas Tree

I know that all of my posts these days are all out of whack. I am just writing as I'm inspired.

This is the first year that Matt and I got a Christmas tree. We either didn't have the room or we didn't have a place or we had dogs that we figured would ruin it.

This year, Matt went to Home Depot and just grabbed one of the trees that was still tied up with string...Oh, it smelled so good.

We got the sucker into the tree stand/waterer and I started to clip the string fully expecting it to pop open at me.

That wasn't the case at all.

And while I was going to show you the cool photos I took of the beginning to end... I'm a technotard and completely deleted the first couple of tree photos. Blah! So, here are some the ending ones and I just wanted to describe how awesome it was to watch the tree unfold itself. If you have never had a real tree and you've never had one is an experience you really should have at least once.

And because I am technologically hampered, I ended up not deleting what I thought I did or it ended up in a completely different file... I have no idea... just that I have my pictures. WOO!

Slowly, slowly unfurling

Almost done...

2 Vacuum bags full of pine needles later
The beginning process of decorating. (Lights only due to the toddler factor)

The unfurling of the tree was just amazing. I can't wait (if I can bear to do the pine needle thing again) to do this with the kids and see if they find it as mesmerizing as I did. 

You could hear it. 

It was almost like you could hear the tree stretching and letting loose of pine needles that didn't need to be there. It was amazingly subtle yet noisy and busy at the same time. 

After the smell of the real thing, this was my favorite part. 

And now... for the final ta-da!

And for any of you that would love to see this, I videoed Linus's first Christmas program at school. It was a very small production, just a few songs they "performed" (they are 18 months to 2 years, Miss Bertha did pretty great with what she has to work with. LOL) Anyway, here is my favorite video cause Linus dances in it. The little boy next to him only says "poo", another girl there just plays with her belly button, and my favorite little friend of his always wears dresses and always twirls. Unfortunately, she's taught Linus to twirl but I think it's cute. It's totally out of focus because I didn't realize that my camera was focusing on the arm directly in front of me. But you get the gist of it. You can see the snowflakes on the floor from the other songs they did. 

And here is Linus and I making a cookie and decorating it at school....soooooo good. They are awesome there, I totally forget about his egg allergy sometimes and they made sure I knew which cookies were specially made without eggs just for my little curmudgeon. I sure like his school. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gone fishing

My kids are killing me these days.

Linus is coming up with funnier and funnier things that are coming out of his mouth. This is my favorite part of toddler-hood. Them learning to say things.

And Bea, well, Bea is just Bea. She is just funny.

She's the little girl while at the doctor's office that wants to play with the doctor's skirt and runs around and finally runs into the full length windows they have, bounces off, and sits and giggles with her Buddha belly jiggling.

We had two different doctor visits in two different cities and the second one has a little tiny playground inside for the kids.

Linus at this age, walked in, was a little uncomfortable and wouldn't really climb on stuff and didn't want to play with the other kids.

Bea heads right in, climbs up the stairs, heads for the slide and goes down head first, eyes closed, squealing the whole time. She is fearless.

She hugged every parent there, she hugged every kid there, she wanted to play with and touch and hug and kiss and steal all of the food from every kid there and they all looked at her like this. o.O She even managed to plant an open mouth, tongue out kiss on a parent there who was bent down reassuring their own kid. I couldn't get there fast enough to stop the slobber-fest.

The both were pretty great considering we got to the first doctor at 1pm and didn't leave the second doctor until 5. I wasn't very prepared to be gone that long, so we stopped at Wendy's and I got Linus a kid's meal. He usually just east a cheeseburger from McDonald's and I had no idea that Wendy's made their kid's burgers a little different.

He ate a little bit, he asked for his toy (which was a picnic basket fishing pole from the movie Yogi Bear), and then I heard "I got it! I got it!"

I turned around to see this...

Yup, that's his hamburger attached to the fishing hook.

And that's him swinging it back and forth.

I managed not to kill myself snorting my soda out my nose when I saw that.

So then, the final story of the day...

We finally got Linus a booster seat, Bea is finally sitting in a forward facing kid chair. I am finally not carrying her 25 pound body around in a baby car carrier. Yeah, you should see my shoulders. I look in the mirror and think that I really should cut out the shoulder pads from my shirt and realize it is, in fact, my enormous shoulder muscles. LOL

So, Bea loves looking at everything, she laughs and laughs, but won't sleep. She gets cranky and because she is so tall, the pediatrician recommended we keep her rear facing till she's two.

Linus, on the other hand... well, I know for a fact that my friend Hollie knows all too well about this kind of kid. :) He was talking, talking, talking and then he sounded different. I looked back and he had unbuckled himself and was sitting in the middle of the two carseats facing back trying to get the lint cleaner out of the back window. As we were driving down I-15. I wanted to kill him before the traffic did.

I had to pull over and rebuckle him and keep reminding him that he IS NOT. UNDER ANY UNCERTAIN TERMS ALLOWED TO UNBUCKLE HIMSELF. I did manage to keep the shrieking to a minimum, but from the pouting that ensued, I am sure the point got across. Thank heavens for child lock doors.

I can tell, there are some good times ahead with these two. :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Freud/Glasser/Jung of things

I started going to therapy a little while ago. Just wanted to throw that out there. I assume that eventually I or someone else will talk about it and I didn't want anyone to think it was something I was embarrassed about.

I WILL say, however, that finding a therapist is a daunting, ridiculous task in the fact that you have to try to find someone who is on your insurance plan and who is taking new patients.

And to answer your question, I decided to go to therapy to help me deal with ordinary, everyday issues in dealing with my children and my life and my husband. Not that any of them are bad, things are great, I just never learned to deal with the stressors of life and just needed an objective opinion on what I was dealing with, how I was dealing, and better hints and tips to deal better.

I have melt downs every time my kids melt down. I can't deal with the screaming and the crying. I don't think it's an emotional response, I just don't like loud noises. I was given the idea of lightly listening to my ipod or putting ear plugs in because you can still hear what is going on, it just turns the decibels down a bit. The most brilliant idea I've ever been given. Ever. I don't have such a negative emotional response to their meltdowns now. I can sit back, figure out what they need and address them rationally. And even smile while doing it.

Can I just say that my therapist looks a lot like Sarah Brightman. It's weird talking to her.

But she is also helping me learn a lot of lessons in communication with my husband which is a big, fat deal. For way too many years, I've felt that my needs and desires were not important and she is teaching me that it's ok to share my needs and desires. That I am important and that even if they are irrational things, my life partner gets to share in those thoughts. They may happen and they may not, but it's ok to let him in on my inner me.

I initially had a reason for writing this post and I am pretty sure it had something to do with Linus, but in the holidays and a few other things, I lost my story.

But, yeah, I'm in therapy. It really was amazing for me when I was pregnant with Linus and dealing with WAY too much stuff to wrap my head around and I figured it would really help my overwhelmed self now. I actually recommend it to most moms. It's nice to be able to express my feelings, concerns, fears, guilt, and realize that most of it is normal and unnecessary.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The glue that binds

I know of a family where the husband got a vasectomy and five years later, his wife got pregnant. I'm not really sure what that conversation was like, but from the story I heard, he basically said, "well, I guess I better go into the doctor to see if this thing reversed itself" Because he never did go back in after the procedure. I'm not sure if there was any finger pointing or fighting or whatever, but I do know they were in a bad place in their marriage at the time of the incident... maybe not the best time to be having a baby. Nor am I sure why it took 5 years for her to get pregnant.

What I am sure of, is that it's because sometimes, God or whatever higher being you believe in, sends down a little body to be the glue.

Their little girl ended up being the glue that had bound their family. She was exactly what they needed in their family and she completed them. That was 7-ish years ago and they are still doing great. She is just a little joy to be around and is the glue.

In my family right now, Bea is the glue. At least for me. She manages, on an hourly basis, to make me laugh. She brings me joy and more importantly makes Linus laugh.

Now that they aren't two babies anymore, I am starting to enjoy them more and more.

There is nothing funnier that watching her chimpanzee walk while she begs for a banana and then runs off with it and shoving it in her mouth. Or watching her nom-nom-nom her way through everything she eats. She never stops smiling and laughing and it's almost impossible to get mad at her.

She lays down for her naps, just curls up with her blankie, beenkie in her mouth, and sighs a big, happy sigh. Sometimes she gets cold and I'll wrap her up and rub her legs and back to warm her up. She'll sit and giggle a little bit, look up at me with the biggest, cheesiest grin and lay her head back down.

Her new thing is to walk up to Matt or I and just hug our legs. From mom to dad and back again. Over and over. She is such a cuddle bug and just wants Daddy to hold her.

She makes it easy to see the fun in Linus and the innocence he has and his brilliance in things that a two year old should not be so skilled at. She makes it easy to laugh at his quirks and his little things that usually rub me the wrong way.

I have a feeling I will forever apologize for naming her Grace as she's the most ungraceful person I've ever met so far, but she really is the glue that binds us together these days.