Sunday, July 25, 2010

Linus pics and video

 I apologize that these videos are sideways it was on my phone, I am not much of a video taker, nor was it the best of circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances, he has received his pain shot and this was too cute to not record. 

Sleeping on the way home. Thank God for modern medicine. Four hour ride home.
Poor kid with his "boxing gloves".
Grumpy drugged up kid.
Knee one week later.
Palm, pointer finger, thumb one week later.
Wrist, palm, thumb, fingertip one week later. You can see the little tiny blisters all over .
Linus aiming his new nerf gun the day after his birthday. All healed but a few spots. Not too bad a week later.
And a bit of fun and cute to end the picture post.

P.S.- He is 3 weeks healed. Is doing amazing and still just has a few scabs. His new skin is pink and very "newborn"-ish. The best therapy I've found for him is to make him give me knuckles and then a high five. Both hands alternating. And to have his hands spread as far and wide as he can to trace them. That's one of his favorite things. Hooray for fun therapy!

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