Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have a dream

Since becoming a parent, I have taken more of a notice of the news, blogs, friends' accounts of things and I have a dream.

I read a blog where one woman lost her baby to SIDS. I just found out that my husband's aunt lost her baby at 10 months old. Watching the news, there are accounts of children dying everyday. A couple I knew in High School just spend too long in Primary Children's Hospital dealing with their daughter who had a brain tumor and there were moments where they weren't sure she'd make it. I read another blog where his daughter was born with a birth defect and wasn't expected to live and, against all odds, is now home and they are just biding their time before she leaves them.

Every day, I hear about a loss that every parent dreads. And I wonder how the nameless, faceless families pay for this.

Matt commented that before people moved across the state, country, or world to live, there were better support systems. Now, there just isn't that support system for a lot of families.

I want to start a foundation called "Angels Returned".

There are so many tragedies that families get bank accounts set up for them. The community really helps out either because it is such a heinous event or because they are more well known in their community. Which is so great for those families. But what about the ones whose children are dying from sicknesses? Whose SIDS babies aren't mentioned in the news? The families don't go to church?

I can't even imagine having to deal with losing my child and then having to pay for a funeral. There are always so many medical expenses accrued. Regardless of how the child died, they end up in the hospital. Or maybe they've been in the hospital for a while. No matter how a child dies, I want to start a foundation to pay for the final expenses of a funeral.

My dream would allow all hospitals to give families the number so we could pay for the funeral of all children 18 and younger. No matter the reason, be it suicide, cancer, accident of any kind, SIDS, still births, birth defects, tragedy of any kind. Just because a family knows a child may die from a birth defect or sickness and they have a little more time to deal with the grieving process doesn't make it any easier than those who suddenly lose a child. Not that I know, but I can only think a child lost is a child lost.

I have no idea how to start something like this. I am pretty sure that this thought is WAY over my head.

This is the stuff that runs through my head at night and why I can't sleep. Why does one child's tragedy and untimely death deem more importance than another? Just because the family are immigrants the child isn't as important? Because it was from "natural" causes it's not as important and the family doesn't need the help?

I know from watching my husband's grandparents burying their child who was in her 50's, that no matter the age of the child, to bury your child is unnatural and is devastating. Who needs to add the cost of a funeral and planning the danged thing to the mix?

So...I have a dream. I'd like to try to make those last decisions that some families have to make a lot less difficult. Take away the money issues. Let them know that it is taken care of. Be together with the rest of you family and love them. I want to ease the pain of the survivors of child death.


Jessica said...

Your crazy days sound pretty awesome. Some days really get you from behind and never let you catch up!

Your dream is a noble one. I'm not sure how to set up a fund like that but it sounds like a wonderful idea. You are such a caring, thoughtful person.

P.S.Can't wait to see you in a week!

Jinksfam said...

Bless your heart Amanda. This post brought tears to my eyes. You are so kind and thoughtful to have such a huge dream for others. I hope that someone reads this and your dream really takes off.

Kristen Munns said...

What a noble idea! You are such a great person. As I was reading it, I had a few ideas at least for where to get started with the "bones" of a business. Call me. I'd love to help!

Anahera gifts said...

That sounds like a great idea! Since I've become a mom I too have been reading soooo many blogs about children who have dyed or are dyeing. It is so sad! I didn't realize how often parents loose their children. I don't know how I would survive if I lost my children. They are everything to me!
After you have things set up I could post a "donate" section on my business blog for your cause. I don't get too much traffic right now but I am always working on getting more. That is just one way you could get donations. I will try to think of ideas for you. Miss you tons!!!