Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty done

Ok, Universe? God? Whoever is up there? No more funerals for a little while ok?

I know that this one was looming on the horizon, then it wasn't, then boom! It hit.

So I had a long old post writing about the whole thing and then just kind of realized, it wasn't my story to tell. She a very nice lady and I liked her a lot. But she isn't my family per se. So, really... this is what I have to say...

Tami Ann Hadfield Beagley,

You had inner demons that you fought. They were not a secret in the family. You tried, you worked to get better, you would be on  your own, and you would fall. Your parents were amazing. They loved you unconditionally and did everything they could to help you. All they wanted was for you to be better.

Not long before you died, it was mentioned to us that you had said, "All I want is to be HAPPY."

For some people they wouldn't understand. For some others, we understand that it's a battle.

Pretty soon, you got sick, we didn't think you'd be coming back. Yet, defying all odds, you did. I hope that you coming back, lucid, and with no brain damage served what I think it did. I kind of see it that you were able to finally part ways with your daughters on better terms that you would have otherwise. Then, you just died. Poof. Just like that. It really threw us all for a loop and left everyone in a state of shock.

I, personally, did not get to know you as well as I'd have liked. I really liked you and certainly brought my love for you when Matt's family became mine.

So, I hope that you have found your peace, your happiness, and you are once again spending time with your son whom you lost too soon.

Love, Amanda

Rest In Peace Tami
March 20, 1958- June 3, 2101

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