Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Normal 24 hours

I just wonder some days if my days are more ridiculous than most deal with.

My day ended at 12ish midnight-ish. I am convinced it isn't insomnia my husband suffers from but a lack of being able to turn his head off and he was oh so very nice to pass that on to me.

I was awakened at 2ish due to what I can only name as Linus having a night terror. He on occasion just wakes up screaming. He doesn't want to be touched, doesn't want to be held, doesn't want to be in bed, doesn't want to be out of bed, doesn't want a diaper change, doesn't want a drink, nothing calms him down. Matt wasn't having any success, so he came and got me. Because he does have to go to work in the morning, I told him to go on to bed and I'd try to figure Linus out and get him settled. I laid him next to me on our twin bed/makeshift sofa and he cuddled right in and fell asleep.

I was again awakened at 5am from a foot placed not so gently on my face as Linus shifted. So I figured I could put him to bed.

I checked my alarm which I had set earlier in the evening to make sure it was going to go off as I had an appointment at 7:30. I woke up again about 10 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off and figured I'd just lay there for a minute.

The alarm didn't go off.

My phone has an alarm set up for dummies. Who are drunk. And incapacitated in every other way imaginable. It's fool proof. It's so simple, I am pretty sure my baby girl could set it. And I messed the thing up!


So, I jumped out of bed at 7am, did a quick body shower, brush teeth, wipe face, run out the door, oh wait Bea is up, get her a bottle, put her in bed with Matt, and then really run out the door. I rushed to Primary Children's Hospital for the appointment and barely made it on time. Whew.

I was a little frazzled about this because of the nature of my visit. I work for a Doctor who is participating in a trial study for Type 1 diabetes. Family members come in and we are checking to see if they have auto-antibodies that might cause them to develop Type 1 diabetes. It's so important to get as many samples as we can and I think it's important for parents to be informed as much as possible. One family member in particular was in a situation that the mother really wanted her to be part of the study, but she is of a decreased mental status and medical scenarios cause severe anxiety. I was allowed to go to the hospital where they had her sedated for a different procedure and we were able to get a sample this way. It was so so great the mother and the hospital allowed us to do this.

And they were a half hour late.

It's not a normal scenario for me, for one, and then I was thinking I was going to be late because I am too dumb to work a dumbed down alarm clock.

Things did work out for the best, I got to sit and play with this little girl for a minute and it was fun for me AND I didn't have to stick her, the IV team did that. Not a bad deal huh?

So, I got home and for some reason, my eyes where just so heavy I just couldn't keep them open. Oh ya, I'd been up and down all night. I forgot. So I figured I'd get Bea down for her nap, Linus situated on our couch/bed to watch a movie, and I'd nap for a half hour.

2 hours later, we all woke up at the same time. Sigh. How do you ladies out there deal with the lack of sleep? I was afraid to drive! It's even worse now that I am on a hormone free birth control and my PMS is worse. Ya, that would be this week.

So, not only am I stuck in slow mo. I am exhausted, I am starving, I am so irritable I can't even stand to be in my own skin. And I am dealing with a 2 year old and an 8 month old going on 2.

So, I spent the next 3 hours trying to get us both ready. Bea is so interested in what is going on that I can't just put a bottle in her mouth and move on to the next thing. Linus doesn't want her playing with anything, she wants to play with everything, and OH THE WORLD JUST ENDED!!! Bea is touching his blanket! Then he wants to cuddle her and he lays on top of her and does his crocodile death roll. He manages to roll over in place and she's not much of a fan. So I am constantly picking her up to bring her back to me, "Linus quit laying on your sister!", "Linus, please don't put things in her face", "SERIOUSLY QUIT LAYING ON YOUR SISTER!!", "Bea, come here! Don't put that in your mouth! Where did you get that?!" And so on. Then there are diapers. The tantrums. My decreased mental status because I am having PMS. I am running up the stairs 15 times because I keep forgetting something.


I don't deal with distractions when I am tired.

I still had to run and process that sample of blood for testing so I was running out the door. Again. On my way out, I figured I'd make Bea a bottle to go, Linus pulled on me and my hand couldn't get out in time and I ended up dumping the whole can of formula on the floor. And I left it.

So, my poor husband came home to no dishes having been done, formula all over the floor, I haven't put any laundry away, the recycle can is overflowing, there are toys and books and clothes all over the floor. And I've been home most of the day. WTF have I been doing all day?

Oh, and the best part is that Saturday to Sunday, Matt's mom and dad watched the kids. Apparently they inherited my sister's inability to poop not at home. Neither one of them did the whole time they were at Grandma and Grandpa's house. But starting Monday morning, all day, every diaper. Gross.

AND I am the biggest jerk of a mom. Linus loves to walk around the block, and normally I am all for it. So we got going. I carried Bea and Linus walked. We got up a block and got to the middle of the next block and he wouldn't go any more. He wanted me to carry him. I made him walk home because I am not going to carry 50 pounds of babies down the hill. We got home and realized he was walking funny. So.... he had been drinking a lot of orange juice and he had diarrhea and I couldn't smell it and it ran down his leg and burned both legs. So, me being the jerk that I am, made him walk home and cause it to hurt that much more. I felt so so bad! I couldn't even get him to shower. So, I let him run around naked the rest of Monday.

Anyway, jumping back to Tuesday, Linus didn't want to wear his clothes because of his owies. So we fought over that, we fought over what he was going to drink, what he was going to eat, that it was time to come inside so we could get ready to go. He pushes his boundaries every chance he gets. And he's so little, I keep thinking he doesn't know better, but he does. He understands exactly what I am saying. And he proves it every time he gives me a sideways glance to see if I'm still watching and he STILL tries to do what I've asked him not to do. Like laying on his sister.

After processing the sample, I still had to run to Brigham. I wasn't able to get 1/16 of the things done that I needed.

I got home at 11pm and decided I needed to run around the block a couple of times and hopefully that would turn my mind off a little bit. I am not one who gets energized by excercise, it just makes me want to sleep. So, day 1 of running, 0.83 miles in 7 minutes. It's crap but keep in mind I don't run. and two blocks were uphill. I was pretty proud of myself.

Oh, I also had to buy crickets to feed the spiders and figured I'd feed the hedgehog. I watched her a minute. Finally went to be by 12:40 only to start the next day at 6:00am.

And I don't think I got anything done.

But it sure is fun to play with the kids. And this isn't even one of my more strange days.

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