Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's my party and I can cry if I want to...

So, I am a big fan of my birthday, and I want everyone to celebrate it with me. I like to promote it and have a big to do. One year, the best birthday ever, I think I spent 2 weeks every evening out with a different friend or two having dinner or drinks or just having a good time. It was great to celebrate it for so long with so many of my friends.

This year...well, let's just say it wasn't the best one I've ever had. And not because I am getting older. I don't really seem to care about that.

I invited a whole bunch of people over to my house for a get together. I got quite a few "I'll be there's" and even more "I'll try to be theres". So I expected a crowd which would have been great. I am very excited to have a house I can entertain in.

I started my day with a whiny baby. Linus had to be held and when I put him down he'd get hysterical. GRRRRR! Baby! I have stuff I have to do! So I started to clean my house so it would be guest ready.... and continued to have a whiny, crying baby on my hands. Then, Moxie got stuck under the bed and couldn't get out. So, drop everything and lift up the mattresses so she can stand up and get out. Linus, still, won't stop crying. He is dry. He is fed. He has napped. He isn't too cold. He isn't too hot. He just wants to be freakin held. Why on the day that I have a million things to do??

Not to mention that I couldn't keep any food down. I was starving and everytime I ate, my belly felt so good... for 3 minutes. Then I projectile vomited without any warning. Gross to read? Ya, grosser to experience. No nausea, no turning stomach, nothing, just puking.

My beautiful, gentle giant dog is usually great in the kitchen. She hardly ever counter surfs or gets into stuff in the kitchen she isn't supposed to. Well, not this day. She stood up on her hind legs and used her long front legs to pretty much sweep everything off the counter before I could get to it to put it in the dishwasher. There goes glasses and plates. Again, because I have nothing better to do. I am pretty sure I almost killed her that day and she knew it. When I put her in the back room with access to the back yard and shut the doggy door, she didn't even whine. She knew dog-mommy was mad, mad, mad.

At this point, with the mess Moxie made, Linus still whining, I was starving and nothing would stay down (which makes anyone crabby I am sure) I was to the point of having a break down. I love my babies and would never hurt them, so, for their safety and mental sanity, like I said, Moxie was put in the backyard and I put Linus up in his crib. Thank God for ipods and earphones! I put my earphones in and cranked up my ipod and cried. And cried. And cried. I am pretty sure that Linus and I both cried for a good 2 hours. I wouldn't go get him and I cleaned my kitchen and when I was done crying, he had finally fallen asleep. I am aware that being pregnant doesn't help what with the hormones and all, but I have felt so good this time that I think when I don't feel good, it really hits me hard.

Oh, and can I say that by the time I had my melt down, I am very thankful Matt wasn't home. I think I would have thrown his Nutella jar and Nutella covered knife at him. He was late for work and I looked over and there was a butter knife covered in Nutella just sitting and getting hard on my counter. Ya, I know. Stupid thing to get so mad about but OMG! It's one of my pet peeves especially since there is a sink not 3 feet away. I know I am bad at doing things that are his pet peeve, but that was just a bad bad day to run into that. Normally I just curse a little to myself and then just clean it up.

I actually got my house cleaned, my self showered and done up, and everything was good to go before the time frame that I set for myself. And I waited for people to show up. Well, not even a tiny fraction of those I had hoped to show did. Sixteen people total. Six were family. Two were technically Matt's friends. (Not that I don't count you as friend Buddha and Dave but you know you come to see Matt more than anything. LOL) Needless to say, I was a little disappointed that so many people just couldn't come for whatever reason. Work, sicknesses, forgot, etc. I understand, I really do, but I am pregnant guys. I am sensitive and my feelings get hurt when my husband raises an eyebrow wrong at me. So... I am not mad. I am not resentful. My feelings were just hurt that day. But, I did get some nice Facebook wishes and texting wishes and I really appreciate the mailed cards.

Maybe next year will be better. I better not be pregnant again.

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