Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Linus updates.

I figured I haven't posted in a long while and so I would throw out some Linus updates.

Linus has been army crawling on the floor for a little while now, but yesterday, he figured out how to crawl on his hands and knees. He even likes to use his right foot to step. It looks mighty awkward, but he seems to like it.

He has had the white bumps under his gums for three weeks and FINALLY! his tooth popped through. He now resembles Captain Caveman and every time I look at him that particular cartoon character's "Caaaaaptaiiiin Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaave-maaaaaaaaaan" runs through my head. His second tooth on the bottom has just broken through so we are well on our way to no longer having a baby, but having a full fledged toddler running around.

It has been a lot of fun for me to listen to him practicing his sounds. When he is alone in his crib or playpen, he'll sit and talk to himself and his toys. He has gotten really good at "da-da-da-da" and will even call out "Dad!" He has yet to even get the mmm sound in unless he is crying and he'll get a pathetic "uuuum". He likes to stick his tongue out and rub the bottom of his tongue on his teeth, while saying "dadada". He'll also mimic anyone sticking their tongue out. He thinks it's hilarious. His new thing also is to nod his head "no". He has no idea what that means, but when he nods his head "no" along with "dadada" it seems he is referencing the dogs. When he just nods his head "no" with no noise, it seems he is referencing the fact he is tired and would like to go to bed. He'll lay in bed and rub his head "no" on his blankets.

He has started doing the cutest thing in the world to me. He'll sit in his playpen with his toys and he'll pick up one of his baby brushes. Somehow, he knows to used the bristle side down and will brush his own hair. It is so stinking cute and I can't help but laugh right out loud every time I see it. It must feel good.

We've started working on learning parts of the face. If I can get the little booger to pay attention to me, he'll actually point to my nose and my mouth. That's as far as we've gotten with multiple successes. Plus, I am afraid to have him try to point at my eyes... him grabbing my mouth with the little vice-grip hands is painful enough.

I can't believe how aware and autonomous he has gotten so fast. He is becoming fully aware of body parts and it's a little weird to me. I understand he is a boy and I understand that it is normal for him to realize he has a penis and to fiddle with it. I fully expected this. What I didn't expect was for him to be so aware of my boobs and want to fiddle with them. He hasn't breast fed since he was 3 months old, and I would assume that if he was still breast feeding, they wouldn't be strange to him and he would be comfortable with them but also I would be more comfortable with him in that area. We have been taking baths together since his was 2 weeks old, it's not like they just popped out of nowhere. I just find it a little strange that I all of a sudden, within the last week, have to wear a swimsuit with him when I bathe with him. Otherwise, he pays no attention to the bath, but to mommy's body, which due to his young age, he doesn't really understand "don't touch please, those aren't yours".

By the way, I don't think I have ever mentioned what a water baby I have. If the shower is running, he tries all he can to get into the water. The dogs' water dishes have to be put up because he'll splash in them until they are empty. When we take baths, he loves to lay on his stomach and swim back an forth and put his face in the water. He even blows bubbles under the water. I would be lying if I said his face in the water didn't make me nervous, but I guess I figure if I am in the tub with him watching over every second, there isn't much chance for something bad to happen. I can lay him on his back in the tub and he just lays back and relaxes. Even in the shower, he'll just cuddle up and relax. The water splashing in his face doesn't even faze him. He loves it. I can put water on his face and he just smiles and tries to lick it off.

Those are my latest updates. Nothing big and fancy, but he is getting big and for the most part, we are having fun.


Ang said...

LOL, I'm guessing since your prego, they've gotten much bigger, maybe he's like, whoa mom, I didn't notice these before!

Hollie Wood said...

I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever post again!! ;) ;) I love all the updates and that you are having so much fun with your handsome boy! I loved the Easter outfit on FB too!! :)