Monday, November 30, 2009

today's giggles

These are just a few things that happened today that I wanted to put into words with a date for posterity. Things that Linus did today that just cracked me up.

  1. Linus doesn't like to have his diaper changed and I didn't want to fight with him about it so, I let him run around bottomless for a little bit. He went into the bathroom and hung out there for a little while, so I went in and jokingly asked him if he needed to go potty. I guess he has picked up the "potty" sign and showed it to me. I put him on the toilet and he proceeded to toot. We were both pretty proud of that.
  2. I've been trying to get him to give me 5 for a while now and he just won't do it anymore. So I decided to try knuckles and on the first attempt, he bumped knuckles with me. Where the heck did he learn that?
  3. We were doing the signing flash cards cause he enjoys showing off what he knows. So we were going through them. He has been actually saying Dada for a while now and just a couple days has been saying Mama. We got to the Mom card and he said "Mama." We got to the Grandpa card and he said "Papa." That is the first time hearing that. How stinking cute.
  4. We were still going through the cards and we got to "diaper" and he grabbed his diaper a la Michael Jackson. It is official, he DOES know what his diaper is and just pretends to not know and ignores me when I try to get him to let me change his diaper or go get a clean one.
  5. The last card we did that made me giggle was "hurt". I said, "Can you sign hurt?" and he just made a cry face and did a fake cry. It wasn't a "I don't know what you want so I'm going to pout." He did it 3 more times on that particular card. He's really getting this signing thing. It's pretty cool to be able to communicate with him.
  6. Last but not least today... I have a TON of laundry to put away and I have been trying to sort to make the putting away easier. He has managed to take over the laundry basket and put everything in it that I have sorted in the last 10 minutes and has just spent a half hour putting the clothes in, taking them out, putting them in, taking them out... etc. I wonder where he gets his hyperfocusing from? LOL

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