Sunday, December 6, 2009

She is the Great and Wonderful Oz!

Maybe it's the Great and Horrible Oz... Or maybe the Great and Terrible Oz...I can't remember.

I have decided that Bea has some type of weird mind reading/psychic skill.

She somehow seems to know when we are a couple of blocks from our destination in the car. She will, for the most part, just sit and sleep or coo to herself the whole car ride up until we are close to our end place and that is when she starts to get whiny, cries, and sometimes starts up with the full blown screams. It's almost as if she has that same weird sense of whatever it is that dogs have. My dogs always know when we are close to our final destination. Even if they have never been there before. Maybe I put off very catchable vibes. Who knows. All I know is, this little girl is NOTHING like Linus and there is definitely a reason God gave me him first. I certainly would have had to wait a little longer to have another baby if she'd been first. Although she might have been better as the first child since she won't nap right now unless I'm holding her. I've been wearing her in a sling all day just to keep her from crying and to get her to sleep. It was ok when she was 7-9 pounds. My chunky monkey has almost doubled in weight and it's killing my back to wear her that much.

I do want to clarify, she is a darling little girl. But when I say that sentence out loud, my head translates "little girl" into "dramatic chatterbox". She already is such a drama queen. It is killing me. Today, her cousin, Chase, bumped her lightly and she turned purple with the inability to breath and clenched her eyes shut as I watched on waiting for the scream.

Night time is tough. She wakes up after 4 to 5 hours and so I need to change her diaper and feed her. I try to change the diaper first so that there is less jostling when the bottle is done and she'll go back to sleep easier. But, oh, the time it takes to change that little butt, is awful. She screams like I am slowly gnawing her fingers off one knuckle at a time. Poor Matt last night was trying to sleep, he had a really long day ahead of him, so he was trying to get more than his usual fill of sleep, she starts in on the scream and he turned over and said, " I thought I told you to turn that baby off!" Poor guy. =) I guess he hasn't figured out they don't have "off" or "snooze" buttons yet.

I do have to say though, she has her boring, just looking around moments, but for the most part, when she's happy... she's REALLY REALLY happy. She smiles so much and laughs. When she's sad... she's REALLY REALLY sad. The frown she has just breaks my heart. And when she's mad...she's REALLY REALLY mad. There is just no soothing her until she's works it out of her system. I'm waiting for a little curl to grow on her forehead so she can really be "the little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad she was horrid."

We have had 3 nights now of her sleeping on her own in her own bed. Before, she just wouldn't sleep unless she was next to me. She'd cry and cry until she laid down right next to me and would calm right down and go to sleep. It was ok the first couple of weeks, but by the month mark, I was done. I would lay down, get her to sleep, and try to roll out of bed. Keep in mind I have a king size memory foam mattress. It doesn't move. I can jump on the bed and she won't move. But this little mind reader... ugh! She'd be asleep, snoring, mouth wide open, and I'd roll out of bed and her cute little eyes would pop open. WHAT?! Ok, let's try this again. Laid down next to her, she fell asleep, yadda, yadda, yadda. It never failed. I could not get off the bed without her little eyes popping open. So, I finally got her figured out enough to know what she likes that I can put her down at night by herself and she'll sleep pretty good, 75% of the time. She still has the obvious strong desire to be cuddled and I give in. I have been told by a family member that I spoiled Linus by holding him all of the time. And my response to that is: So what. They are only babies once and I will cuddle them as much as they want. Especially when they are little, little. They don't know any better. All they know is that they need something and if I am not there, their need is not being met and they don't know why. When they get a little older and can work on their independence like Linus is right now, then I don't need to run to his every beck and call... but he also won't cuddle me anymore. I want to get it while I can.

Although, I sure would like to be able to put her down sometimes.

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