Saturday, April 3, 2010


So...we have ducks. Again. 3 of them this time. They are living in a plastic box in my bedroom.

We are getting chickens. They too will be living in my bedroom until they are old enough to live outside.

Matt is going to be building a chicken/duck coop next week.

I am pretty sure I am the most tolerant wife. Ever.

Well, he is pretty tolerant of me too... but... um...yeah.

Ducks. We all remember what happened last year. Sigh. Pictures will be coming of this new phase. When we find out we have roosters, we will be borrowing a turkey fryer and frying it up. All are invited to help pluck and eat this rooster. When we get hens that start laying, we will share the spoils. I will be looking for the chickens that lay the colored eggs and I will put those in with the spoils.

But only to those people I really like. They taste the best.

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