Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of love and loss

I had a friend back in high school who wrote this. I must've liked it since I wrote it down and found it in my journal.

He watches from across the hall,
     so light headed he is about to fall.
He walks over to her, rose clutched within his hands
     his knees are shaking as he stands.
In a cracking voice, he asked her out,
     as she replies yes, he knows what love's all about.
Their love blossoms and blooms, much like that rose,
     God, he loves the way her smile grows.
Years later they wed,
     so many happy tears are shed.
They raise many happy children within their home,
     neither can stand to be alone.
On this dark and desolate night,
     something has shut out the light.
The two cars collide with an impact of fire,
     the stomach turning sound of the crash is dire.
He has lost his one true love,
     he curses the selfish skies above.
He slowly walks toward the casket trying to hide his fear,
     down his cheek shimmers one silent tear.
As the empty space within his heart grows,
     he places in her casket, one, single, perfect rose.

Crystal Burkhart

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