Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lights, camera, action

I really shouldn't be posting anything on movies, I haven't gone out to see a movie since Linus was about 2 months old. I have, though, rented at redbox, and although the price is only a dollar, I am getting pretty consistent at having $7 movies that I watch once. Lame.

I know that this probably goes against all popular opinion, and since the 2nd one is coming out, I must touch on Twilight. I hated it. Hated, hated, hated it. I really enjoyed the books but thought the cheesy "tween" factor was a little much added with the "OMG I love you" soap opera style. The vampire/werewolf stuff was fun and all in all it was pretty entertaining, but I am not sure at what age the impending sex and the over and above "in love" is appropriate before it gets too cheesy. I think the book did a better job of not making it seem so daytime soap-ish. I hated most of the casting. I think that Bella was the only one who fits (plus she's super cute and I'm partial cause she looks like my friend) but she really seemed to fit what I had in my head from the book. The rest... well, it left quite a bit to be desired. Were there no better looking people to play the vampires? It's Hollywood ladies and gentlemen, there must be a plethora of people who would have cast better than what actually was chosen. I had a waiter in a restaurant on Hollywood Blvd who was hotter than who they picked for Edward. Sorry all you ladies that love him, but he just didn't do it for me as Edward after reading the book and then seeing him in Harry Potter. Although, I will admit, he does have a pretty good crooked smile, but still.

I saw the trailer for New Moon and I will, against my better judgment, say I am kind of excited for it. I am excited to see what they do with Jacob and his character in the movie. I am really hoping the the special effects aren't as disappointing this time around as I found the special effects were rather lacking in Twilight.

My 6 year old niece has a crush on Jacob, so maybe I'll use that as an excuse to go see it and I won't subject my hubs to it (not that I think I could drag him with me if he were drugged and tied up, but whatever).

While looking online for the trailer to New Moon, I found a blog website dedicated to new movies coming out. I found some very exciting things that piqued my interest...

First off, I am very excited to see Julie&Julia. The Julia Child movie with Glen Close. It just seems like my cuppa tea. Not slapstick funny, not a romance, not a documentary, just a fun movie. I think I relate to the part in the trailer where the girl melts down with stuff on the floor or when the pot flies off after she put a lobster in.

I am excited to see The Proposal. Only because of Ryan Reynolds. I love everything he does and I think that pairing him with Sandra Bullock will be a great romantic comedy.

If you know me well, you know I have a huge crush on Robert Downey Jr. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Because of this crush is the only reason I hoped Danny Gokey would win American Idol. He has a hint of Robert Downey in him. The movie "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" sealed my love affair from affar with Mr. Downey Jr. I have yet to watch a movie of his and not enjoy it. I am excited to see the coming Iron Man 2, I have been wanting to watch "watchmen" (yes redbox, here I come), I will admit there were parts of Tropic Thunder that I enjoyed. Mostly no to the Ben Stiller parts but I liked RDJ's part of the movie. I would like to announce... Sherlock Holmes!! Robert Downy Jr. plays Holmes, Jude Law is Watson and it looks amazing. I am giddily excited for that.

The next flick that I am excited beyond all reason is the new Hobbit movie. Guillermo del Toro who was part of Pan's Labrynth, The orphanage, and Hell Boy 2 is going to be part of this. In my exhausted state, I am not going to research what part he played during each movie, but I believe he is directing the Hobbitt movie. Regardless of what part he is playing, I have the utmost expectations that this is going to be fabulous and I am grateful that it has waited until now to come out. If you don't know what I am talking about, his special effects are better than anything out there. Faint of heart... probably don't want to watch Pan's Labrynth. Not into comic book movies, probably wouldn't interest you to see HellBoy 2. The orphanage is a Spanish horror movie. It was a great movie, but not too many are into watching a scary movie with subtitles. Mean you have to pay extra special attention to the screen. bwahahaha. It really has a sad ending and it made me cry and I was not with baby hormones, so that should tell you it's sad if you have kids. Heartbreaking really. But, the Hobbit...who didn't see at least one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? I think the Hobbit will bring Mr. del Toro just a bit more mainstream and as I have a strong appreciation for amazing special effects, I am excited about it. I heard him talking on X96 about it and he is even filming in New Zealand so the atmosphere should be very similar feeling to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. How exciting!

Ya, I'm a dork. Even my husband has said that I am a dork and that's why he loves me. I love Star Wars and all sorts of science fiction and comic book movies so I am excited for the movies that most of you ladies will not be interested in... but such is life. =) Different strokes huh?


Ang said...

The Hobbit! No way! I'm going to go watch some trailers right now then. Twilight, your right, totally sucked! Why did they have to do that, it was like a huge blockbuster on a indie film budget or something. They better do better with New Moon.

I just finished watching the curious case of benjamin button. Have you seen it??!! It was so freakin good. Loved Pan's Labrynth, it is one of my favorites, and I think button is now, too. However, I am a little biased, I guess I have loved Brad Pitt movies since I was old enough to realized I liked boys.

Girl, just get Netflix, I'm tellin ya, you may as well pay for that what your gonna pay for one redbox movie, if your anything like I am with returning stuff. I'll send you a friends and family promo.

kelly said...

I believe that Peter Jackson is the Producer on the Hobbit as well as his special effects company on board. I really think the only difference is del Toro directing. Oh, I'm not sure but I think they were going to split it into two movies too. It's been awhile since I looked into it.

I can hardly wait for it!

crazy4danes said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment! I love hearing from other Dane people!!! I will totally agree with you on the Twilight movies. I was disappointed with the first movie, but am interested in seeing how the movie will do the relationship between Bella and Jacob! :)

Oh, and I am looking forward to The Proposal too! Have a good weekend!

Mandy B said...

Ang, so i watched benjamin buttons this weekend. I really liked it, and i liked how brad just got better and better looking. woohoo! =D It was WAY WAY different than the actual story. Really, the only thing similar is the name and that he grows from old to young. Daisy is in the story, just different. I got to the end and bawled and bawled and bawled and then had to go check on my baby just to see him sleep. Then I cried some more. I think the whole dying as a baby got me. It was really hard for me to watch. So not the natural timeline and I think it just was really hard to watch her love him for so long and take care of him as a baby and hold him while he died. Blah! But it was really good, not much of a guy film, but I'd for sure watch it again.