Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tidbits.

I haven't written in a while... it seems to be the same for most of the blogs I'm following. Summer is hitting and we're all getting busy. Not so much me as I don't have so much to write about.

Not too long ago, a friend and I went to a parkway type area around 15th south and 9th east to walk our dogs and kids. It's a dirt walkway that loops around millcreek river or something like that. It was a glorious day. It was intermittently raining and mostly sunny and the air was nice and cool. The walkway was awful muddy and I am glad I have a baby backpack to put Linus in.

Most of the walk we saw dogs off leash and my friend had hers off leash (although he is a better dog and not so lurpy), I decided to take Moxie off hers and run around. She is so big and so unaware of her body, it made me very nervous and I was afraid she would fall down the embankment. Not to mention the super skittish dogs people had off leash there (?!?!). I am not sure I understand and maybe it was just my big, dopey, playful puppy that caused that, but I ended up putting her leash back on her. I have a face harness that makes it a dream to walk her, but it was in the backpack that Linus was in and so I waited until there was a spot to sit and get her situated.

The next thing that happened ended in 5 VERY slow moving seconds for me. I put Linus down, and luckily my friend was there to hold him upright since it's not the best baby backpack and he tipped over initially. I had Moxie's leash in my hand and around my wrist and a little Yorkie comes bebopping down the path. For some reason, Moxie took it upon herself like never before that she either needed to kill this dog or be it's friend. I don't know, but my heels were dug in and she dragged me a good 3 feet before we hit steps. Somehow, I got my balance enough to go down the stairs and down the trail for about 10 feet. I saw a fence and grabbed with my free hand and managed to stop Moxie from running and pulling me face first through the deep mud just down the path. I am not sure how I managed to not only stay on my feet but not hurt myself or pull my arm out of socket. I tried to let go of the stupid leash and let whatever happens happen, but my hand was locked in the loop and I had no choice but to go along for the ride. Whew! Thank God Linus wasn't on my back and I am not further along in this pregnancy. My friend, to my surprise, managed not to laugh too out loud at the debacle.

Next day, I am so sore from the neck down I can barely move. Not a bad trade off for what could have happened. I am pretty sure that Moxie thought I was going to kill her after the whole thing was said and done with. Poor thing. My pregnancy rage mixed with a giant puppy sometimes isn't a good thing. Luckily, she is mellowing out, figuring out what is expected of her and she has been an angel lately. Which is a good thing and brings me to my next little story.

Matt wants to buy a blue. I think he's crazy, but it has been my dream since knowing of their existence to have a blue. Can I turn this down?? I keep thinking it would mellow Moxie out a bit to have a friend to play with and after having her, what's one more right? He wants to show or breed her... we'll see if this even happens. Until then, we have been spending a lot of time online conversing with people and sending in puppy applications. Sheesh.
Matt with his son... being a great dad.

4 Generations at their favorite eating establishment... Crownburger.
Grandpa Kirk with 2 of his 3 favorite things. Russell and Linus (we didn't get Sam in this one sorry guys.)

Sunday was Father's day. We had made plans to go to Matt's Grandparents house who live right around the corner from his parents. The Hadfield side got together for dinner and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy his family, his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. His Grandma Darlene asked all of the dads to stand up and give some bit of advice that they would like to give if today were their last day. Grandpa Reid talked about his faith and how he knows the church and the scriptures are true. Most everyone else said something to the effect that you need to live the right way, even if it's the hard way, and make sure that if someone hears your name, they know that it's a good name by how you lived. Matt's dad, Kirk, got up to give his advice while holding Linus. Of course, Linus curled right into him and cuddled up to him right at that moment and got some emotions going and we all know I cried. =D Kirk blamed his good family and good life on his lovely wife, Jeri, and I hope that at some point Matt feels that same about me and our family. Thanks you guys! It is so great being part of your family!!

I called my dad and wished him Happy Father's Day. We aren't so good at planning sometimes and both dinners were at the same time. I figured that whomever is planned first, I will go to, but we usually can manage to work both families in. Oh well, I really didn't need Red Lobster anyway *sigh*. I managed to let Matt sleep in a little bit and then brought him breakfast in bed. That was the extent of my gifting this year. Sorry sweetie. It's a tie every year here on out ok?

So, the pregnancy is progressing smoothly. Nothing is amiss, I am getting bigger and consequently more uncomfortable. It's a little more difficult trying to pick up Linus so hopefully he'll be walking soon. He likes to kick me in the guts and oh boy that hurts. We still don't have a name for Little B and may end up naming her Little. I am starting to have sleeping woes but so far the heartburn has been kept at bay very well by Tums. I am thinking I may need to go in for a massage and I don't care what I have to do to pay for it. We'll see... it's just hard not knowing what to do with Linus and trying to schedule something blah blah blah. But, 23 weeks and on the shorter but harder end of my trip. I saw a family Sunday that made me think of Matt and I and our family. There was the mom and dad and a son and daughter about 9 and 10. Then about a 2 year old and she was ready to pop with her 4th. I assume that will probably be us. LOL. Gave us both a chuckle.


Ang said...

Another puppy!!! You guys are officially nuts.

crazy4danes said...

I think another one is great! They do soooo well with other Danes...I don't even really notice half the time that I have four!!! Blues are beautiful and I totally know what it's like to want to get something you've really wanted! That's how we ended up with Turbo. I wasn't really looking for a puppy, but I have always wanted a Fawnequin, so when the opportunity arose...I just HAD to take it! LOL...good luck with the puppy hunt and good luck with your pregnancy! :D

STACY said...

You should totally go get a massage! I'll come down and watch Linus for you while you go get one, we can even go get lunch or something too! I've been without my kids for a month now and still have one more to go, I'm going through withdrawals!