Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lagoon Day

Matt's dad, Kirk, works at ATK and every year, they and other businesses around the area have "Lagoon Day". Instead of paying 41.95 for me and 21.95 for Linus (are you freaking kidding me!!!) it was only 19.95 per person. I had no idea that someone too little to ride almost every ride has to pay so much, but then again, I have to pay full price and all I can do is play in the lazy river. Very much a rip off if you ask me, but business is business. (I'm pretty sure they'd make up all the lost revenue in pregnant ladies buying exorbitantly overpriced drinks.) So, Kirk, Emily, Linus, and I went to Lagoon this year. I must say, kids make summer and holidays a lot more fun!
When we first got to Lagoon, there was a small downpour so we got a little wet. This is Kirk holding my water baby who apparently doesn't like to touch wet things. Linus held that pose until they dried off.

This is Kirk and Linus on Linus's very first ride ever (not counting the merry-go-round at the zoo). You can kind of see Linus's little head just to the right of Kirk. Little guy didn't seem to care either way about this ride. What? Matt's child is indifferent to something? NO! Haha.

This is Kirk and Linus on the Kontiki ride (Little Linus is again just to the right of Kirk if you can see him... it's kind of like a where's waldo kind of thing.) Linus seemed to like this ride a little better. It didn't seem so fast nor was it so loud.

Soon after those rides, we waited for just a second and Emily met us. This is the look I got when I said, "We are going to go swimming now." Again with the indifference. =) Although as soon as he saw the water he started making his "I want I want I want RIGHT THIS SECOND" noise.

Here's my fat, little guy in his first swim diaper right after we managed to keep him from drowning. My little munchkin has no fear, at all, whatsoever of water. Even though it was a cool day and the water was breathtakingly cold, he crawled right in, and kept right on crawling until he was doggy paddling and his head went under. I thought that would stop him, but no, he did it again and again. He loves the water!! Soon after being in for a bit, he started to turn blue and shiver, so I decided that it was time to be done and we all hung out on the cement to dry off a little and warm up.

Finally, Linus crashed and fell asleep. Isn't he cute when he's sleeping?? I was waiting with Linus while Kirk and Emily rode the Samurai and I decided to put my phone in a holder on top of the stroller, sat down, took a drink of soda in the middle, put it down and pretty immediately had the whole thing in my lap. I guess it was too loud there for Linus to really sleep and he woke up and wanted to take a drink but instead dumped it the wrong way. Ugh! Sticky lap the rest of the day!! =)

ATK provided food and drink for this little shindig (which saved us a huge bundle!). There were hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, potato salad, and jello salad, and a coupon for a free popsicle. This is Grandpa Kirk sharing his popsicle with Linus. I couldn't get a good picture of him begging for it and then trying to steal the whole thing.

What a great day. Thanks Kirk for inviting us and thanks Emily for spending the day with us! It was a blast. At least for me. I love being able to get out of the house and get my little guy out and about. He had a great time as well. Next year though, I plan on riding all those rides with you guys so we need to bring someone who'll watch the two littles while we ride the big fun rides.


Jessica said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love that Kirk took him on all of the rides. I bet grandpa was having a great time.
Linus has the cutest belly ever, what a sweetie!
I think loving water must run in the family. My boys are always keeping me on my toes when we swim. Ahhh!

STACY said...

We are taking the kids in August when they get home, we go every year usually when Charlotte comes to visit. You actually do not have to pay for Linus, he can get in free and there are about 3 rides he can ride, the merry go round, and 2 others, I'd have to look at their website to see, and he can also get into Laguna beach too, without having to pay for him. I agree with the pregnant ladies though, it seems a waste to have them pay, they obviously won't be riding anything! Glad you had a good time!

crazy4danes said...

Please stop by even unannounced! Anytime! Email me and I will send you my number so you have it....my email is angelariddletrd@msn.com! Hope to meet you soon! :)