Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a regular day for me...

My friend Miss A, her two kids, her two dogs, Linus, Moxie and I went to the dog park at the mouth of emmigration canyon yesterday. I had completely forgotten having seen this park and I'm glad that Miss A suggested it. I figured I'd get a head start, knowing how I run into small detours anytime I go anywhere. I stopped off to get me a slurpee (highly important) and a gallon of water and then stopped to get gas. After getting gas, I put Linus in his carseat and from the time I walked to the driver side, he had choked on his apple juice and there was milk throw-up all down the front of him... ew... gross!!! I cleaned it up, took his shirt off and we were on our way.

We got to the park and there is a huge, grassy area and a small pond with a stream at the head and a cement spillway at the foot. About 3 guys were standing around the cement walkway to overlook the pond with sticks sticking it under the cement. I couldn't figure out what they were doing until I heard a rattle. There was a huge rattlesnake under the cement and these guys were trying to kill it before a dog or owner got bitten. Now, I have never seen a rattlesnake in real life in the wild, let alone one whose girth was bigger around than my arm! It was huge. It was cool. I don't know know if they killed it or not, I hope not and I hope it relocated somewhere safer for everyone.

Moxie watched all of the dogs jumping into the pond to chase their sticks or tennis balls, so she decided she needed to join in. What a treat for both of us I think. There is about a foot of shallow and then drastically drops off. She took off into the water and lo and behold she was swimming for the first time! All of the other owners with labs and the like laughed and laughed at her clumsy first attempt. The baptism by fire must not have been so bad, she ended up hanging out in the water quite a bit.

We all hung out under a huge, cool tree in the shade for a while, and Moxie doesn't usually do this other than our yard, but she decided she needed to have a BM. Oh great. Luckily, Miss A had some doggie bags and it was a freaking two bagger. My stomach is seriously more like I am in my first trimester, so unfortunately, even though I was a responsible dog owner, there was almond Snickers bar regurgitated on the grass. Meh.

Miss A's little boy wanted to go watch the dogs in the water, so we took off and on the east end, there was a little path so we could get down to the gravelly shallow clean area. I can't keep Linus away from the water, so I figured, "whatever, go for it, it's just water. =)" The kids played for quite a while and we had a great time... until somebody's dog came up to sniff Miss A and she was able to figure out what this dog was doing and pushed it away before it peed on her! bwahahahah! I have never heard of a dog peeing on someone other than George peeing on Matt. It was just plain weird but gave me quite a chuckle.

The kids were cold, Linus was shivering, and we decided that it was time to go back to the grassy, shady area. We got up there and I took Linus's wet clothes off of him and took his soaking wet, huge diaper off... and was met with a poopy diaper. Ugh. Upon looking, not only had I used ALL of my wipes, I had no more diapers. So.... Linus hung out at the park naked for the remainder of the day. =D For those of you who are weird about baby nudity, I blurred out his privates, but below is a pic of my cute little guy chilling with his juice and blankey on the grass.

We played at the park for about 3 hours and it was GREAT!!! The people there are very nice, not "uppity" like they sometimes can be in the avenues dog park and the dogs were WAY better behaved than the ones in the avenues. Not one dog got nippy and that is so great with my huge puppy who tends to be very "in your face" since she still is a puppy.

We got home and later that night, Moxie was limping. I looked at the paw and she had cut open her pad on the two middle toes. It wasn't bleeding, and it seemed clean, so I put neosporin on it. Later, I realized she was favoring most of her legs and every foot has a gashed pad! I don't know what she got into or if it's just that she had so much room to run she got going too fast and then in stopping ripped them. Not sure, but my poor, poor puppy! She hasn't gotten off the couch hardly at all ALL day! That is not like her. I read online to put socks on her feet to help protect them and so she is all neosporinned up and socks on her hind legs which are the worst and I am hoping it heals ok. I had a dog in the past who stepped on glass and the vet said that suturing wouldn't do any good and too keep an eye out for infection, so, that's what I'll do. In the meantime, I hate seeing her have such a hard time. I am such a lame dog mom! =)

Anyway, I am so glad that others get to share my days that are full of ridiculous moments and moments that make me giggle. I am very glad that my life has been like that for so long, I can't get flustered or angry or frazzled when one thing after another happens. I have learned to go with the flow. I am also glad I got another picture to show Linus's girlfriends when he gets older and that he'll hate me for.

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Ang said...

The dog was literally peeing and I pushed him away just in time to avoid the spray. Un be lievable. It was really fun to have a sporadic trip to the dog park, I love how laid back you are about everything. Honestly, you just don't see enough naked babies rolling in the grass, ain't nothin wrong. It's so weird about Moxie's paws, what could she have possibly gotten into that Jack didn't?? Poor thing.