Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok, so being married is really strange some days. Today I am going to chalk it up to having been up since 4am, no nap, running around, and being pregnant exhausted.

Not too long ago, my husband, being funny, told me to "scoot over fatty". I acted offended, we laughed, and it's funny. It was met with a better reaction than last pregnancy when he offered up that my rear was getting a little large.

So, tonight, I was told "you are so weird looking..." am I supposed to respond to that one? LOL. He middled that statement with "cause you are so skinny..."

Um... really? Who gets told they are weird looking cause they are skinny unless they are weird anorexic? He finished off the statement with "and you have this belly just sticking out there."

Oh. So let me explain this a little bit. I am the amazing, shrinking, pregnant woman. I am the pregnant lady most women hate. I don't swell, I don't get fat, I don't get stretch marks (yet), I keep my waistline, and slowly grow a little baby. I don't feel this is something to brag about. I feel weird and different. My rings don't fit. I don't fit into my regular pants, but I don't really fit into maternity pants. My mom tells me I look like I have a pillow stuffed up my shirt. I feel terribly cramped pretty much from week 20 on since there is no "belly" for the baby to fit into. This pregnancy, I feel as though Little B has sucked the life right out of me. Literally. I know I'm not losing muscle, what with lugging a 20lbs. kid around, walking my dog in the Aves, going up and down stairs, and doing yoga. So, gaining only 10 pounds is weird to me. Let me assure you ladies out there... I will gain all of my weight once the baby is born. I gained all my weight after Linus was born, I am pretty sure I will gain all of my weight once Little B is born. I don't enjoy the almost constant migraine status that has happened in the last 2 weeks nor the morning sickness like vomiting that happens in the 3rd trimester. But, I do need to throw out there that I have enjoyed this one so much more than Linus. It's a lot more special now that I know what is growing and the joy and love I will have for this baby. Linus has been amazing.

After being told I am weird looking, I was mentioning that my niece is a nag. She has managed to inherit all of the irritating girl traits. She nags, is concerned about her hair and makeup, does the princess above and beyond, she gossips, she is loud, and through all of this I think she's a doll but not sure I could deal with it as well as Bethany does. So, Matt tells me that this means she is probably going to be really cute when she gets older...

Does that mean that I am not cute? Or does that mean that I am annoying? This poor guy and having to deal with my sensitive ego right now. He responded with a "I cannot answer that at this time."

Lucky for the both of us, I am almost done and can be sensitive once a month again instead of crying watching dances on "so you think you can dance" and videos my mom sends me via email.

Let's see what else my, oh so very male, husband comes up with. It's always good for a laugh in retrospect. Like the day he told me he didn't understand pets... He doesn't get that much out of his human relationships. I took it WAY different than he meant it and I cried and got mad and he pretty much just stared at me until he could explain that he meant he needs a reciprocative relationship and pets just don't do that. =)

Ah, Mars and Venus huh?

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