Sunday, May 31, 2009

Plus 1 makes 4

So, in case you haven't heard, we are (I will say 90% sure) having a girl. WooHOO! I think...

This whole having babies business is something else. I am actually mostly enjoying it this go-round. Mostly, I think I am savoring because despite what Matt thinks, this might be our last. I am not sure I can deal with 3, even though everyone says, after two, three is nothing... well, I am not sure I can even deal with two, but too late huh?

I go to an OB/GYN who has ultrasound machines in all of the rooms, and so instead of feeling and measuring the fundus of my uterus, he measures every time with the ultrasound. Which I love. I love getting to see the baby when I couldn't feel her or when I didn't feel pregnant. It makes it much more real and easier to "connect" to her. Usually, we get pictures, but as I just got done telling Dr. Housel, "she sure is a wiggle worm" he let me know that she sure was cause she wouldn't sit still for a picture. She did move around enough that we got a peek to see we're having a hamburger instead of a hotdog . (sorry, but that's what it looks like on the ultrasound haha) In 3 weeks, I'll be having the targeted ultrasound to make sure that since everything has a place, it is actually in said place. So far though, nothing looks out of ordinary and I am pretty sure that this might be the start of an ADHD scary situation. I am mostly kidding when I say that.

So, I thought Matt and I had figured out the naming situation until I found out today that the name we had picked out had "lost it's luster" to him... so, I guess we are going to go back to arguing girl names. He likes Lucy and I am just so uninterested in having a daughter named Lucy. About as much as I enjoyed some of his previous suggestions: Cherry, Bambi, Kitty, to name a few. So..... the tedious process begins. I would like to just stick to our original plan, but unfortunately someone, (TJ) made a joke about the name and I think ruined it for Matt.

I'll share. I really like the name Frankie for a girl. I figure that it's kind of a nickname type name so I wanted to name her Franklynne Rose. All 3 are family names and Matt's mom had an Aunt Frankie. I love it. Well, eating lunch with TJ, he asks me what we are going to name our daughter and I tell him. "oh you should name her Franklynne Elenore." Preceded to giggle and I had to tell him I didn't get it. "Like Franklin Deleno." Ahhh. So I said, I was thinking more along the lines of Franklynne Rose. So he gets to giggling more and says, "How about Franklynne Elenore Rose Velvet?" Well, of course that's funny, and I did get a kick out of that, and laughed even harder when after talking to Bethany that same day, I told her the funny name story and she said "that's weird, Mikayla just got done saying we should name her velvet." Huh. That's creepy a little. I just told TJ that I loved it. He was a great president and part of our nations history and what better way to honor him than by spoofing his name.

My second choice of names is Cambria Tyne. I love the name Cambria. She can go by Cam, by Bri, by Cammi, or Tyne, all of which I love. Or the first name I have ever loved for a girl, Amelia Rose. Or Dehlia Blue. I want something that isn't so strange people can't wrap their heads around it but that will kind of stick. Linus is just strange enough that it sticks in the brain.

I guess we have 20 weeks and then a month after she's born to figure out what exactly we are going to label her for the rest of her life. I have a feeling she is going to Matt's little Lou regardless of what's on the official paperwork. He asks me every day, "so what are we gonna name her?" Blah, neither of us can agree on anything.

Oh, and for those of you wondering why I'm a teensy bit terrified of having a girl...well, do any of you know of a little girl who isn't dramatic? AND, I know how I was a baby and little girl and how Mikayla is now...Holy Smokes I think we are in trouble. Linus very much has Matt's demeanor. Is it too much to hope Little B does too? Oh, and even after living with Bethany and Mikayla for 4 years, I still can't do a braid or a ponytail. Bethany would constantly ask "who did your hair today?" with a big grin on her face. "Looks like your dad did it." Great. I'm going to have the ragamuffin in the neighborhood. Wait a minute, are there even kids in my neighborhood? I don't even know.


Ang said...

I love Amelia, and Cambria, and Dehlia. Especially Amelia Rose. It also helps to say Linus and ____, because you will refer to both of them a lot. Like Drayk and Willow. Has a ring to it. Willow has a friend named Lucy. I'm not a big fan. And do you realize you'll have 2 peanuts characters if you do that? Linus and Lucy? He's kidding, right?

Willow doesn't allow me to do her hair, we just spray and brush, so don't worry. She's not a raggamuffin.

Mandy B said...

So, you know matt right? and his sense of humor? The peanut's reference is pretty much why he has Lucy on the brain. And because I hate it. I just know a chihuahua named Lucy who is hell on four tiny legs. We are hoping for a Charles, but I would still call him Charles. (Unfortunately, I love these two names, Linus and Charles, and not for the Peanuts reference. I just have always like the names.) Oh well, at least it's not as bad as what my dad wants to name Little B. Dique (dickie). Really? lol.

Willow's hair is pretty straight though isn't it? Matt and I are both curly Q's so there is going to be some hair issues I can tell. Hopefully she isn't a tender head like me and then we might be ok.

Ang said...

Ya, Willow's hair is straight, and I guess Preston's is, but mine is not. I still think your little ones going to be adorable, piggy tails or not.