Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just some websites that I have found that I like

I wanted to post a quick blog posting about some websites that I like. - This website is pretty cool. There is nothing to look at but what they are selling for the day. They put one thing up for sale every day at 9am and it is usually pretty well priced, like today there are 3 different types of Robeez shoes for sale for 50% off. I like to check it every day to see if there is something I can snag, so far, nothing for me since I didn't know the gender of this upcoming baby, but now, well, watch out credit card. - I don't know how many of you reading this have a new baby or will be having one or know someone who is going to... I can name at least 4. Of those, I don't know how many of you swaddle your babies. Linus loved to be swaddled, then he'd wiggle, work his arms out, and then do a baby jerk and wake himself up. I truly believe he would have slept longer and better had I had this blanket. I am buying one for Little B. I would have bought one for Bethany's baby, William, but he likes to have his arms up by his face, so he doesn't like to be swaddled. I did buy one for Jen and Tina's baby Cooper. They rave about it. I think he was a week old and they told me that he slept 4 hours at a time by a week old. There is a link to the right of my posts that you can go and check it out and watch a cool little video about how it works and you can buy it from there. Really, check it out if you or someone you know has a baby on the way and you are interested in swaddling.

Also, off to the side are links that may or may not be interesting. I have found some interesting link and some not so interesting links, but if something piques your interest, feel free to click away. - So, I was recommended this book by my sister-in-law, Jessica and Matt's mom bought it for me. It's called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. As Linus was getting bigger, I wasn't sure how many or how long his naps should be, so I started to read this book and I found it to be amazing. It is a great book that you can really tailor for you and your family, not one of those "you have to do it this way to the 'T' or no way!". Linus has been sleeping through the night almost from the get go, apart from his need to feed, and by 3 to 4 months, has been an all night baby. I will say the teething time and runny nose days are a little different, but that's to be expected, I don't think anyone sleeps through the night under those circumstances. It must be a pretty good deal since Bethany's pediatrician is telling her a lot of these ideas that are in this book. This website has a lot of interesting ideas, tips, baby stuff, etc. It is really interesting and fun to go through. - if you can click this link, do it. It is hilarious!! If you know anything about baby boys, you will enjoy this game.

I can't think of anything else right at the moment. But, if I think of anything, I'll throw it out there.

By the way, I just read a book called "The Bromeliad Trilogy" by Terry Pratchett. It is a young person's book, but it was really cute and really fun to read.

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