Friday, October 2, 2009


Ok, before I even start this posting, I know how some of you feel about inductions. I know how some of you feel about early inductions. And please, feel free to post your comments and views, but it doesn't change what's going to be happening next week.

Beatrice Grace Bailey is going to be joining our family as her own unit probably October 9th. This is a little earlier than her due date but due to a few circumstances, I have talked to my doctor and we have both decided that to induce me the evening of the 8th would not be harmful to myself or Little B.

My anniversary is October 13. I know this is a selfish reason for early induction, and really it is just one of the reasons, I felt it was best to long term plan. I don't want to spend 18 years not able to go travel or stay in a hotel or send the kids away for my anniversary because we have a birthday to deal with. Lame, selfish, whatever. I know that mommy/daddy time is important for a marriage and I also know that there is an ingrained idea of what's supposed to happen on anniversaries.

I have written in a previous post about the hip pain that Little B has been giving me and she has moved down enough that it's affecting both hips now. Do you know how ridiculous I look trying to do a flamingo pose while hunched over to adjust the baby? While carrying Linus? Or how embarrassing it is to be walking and to just drop while not being very quiet about the pain I'm having because I can't help it? People start to dial 9-1-1 before I can even smile sheepishly and say I'm ok, it's just a nerve issue and will resolve itself upon delivery.

So, I went to the doctor on September 30th and talked to him about maybe starting me the 9th. Well, he has a plane to catch that evening, so we are going to have me go in the 8th and she'll most likely be born the 9th. How's that for teamwork? He did check to see if I was advancing at all, he said that I was fully effaced, thinned, and to a 2. Oh and he could feel her head. He didn't think I'd even make it to the 8th. I just figure that Matt is going out of town to fulfill son-in-law duties and will be out of cell range so that's when it'll happen. =) I am thinking even more so, though, it will be on Sunday since a storm is coming in and I've heard more women go into labor during storms due to the pressure change. However it happens, I just hope I make it to the hospital in time and everything goes well, seeing as how it's 45 minutes away in Ogden. The things we do for a doctor we like.

Oh, and I didn't even think of this until Matt told me later, but it'd be kinda cool to have her be born on the 9th. That's her Grandma Jeri's birthday. What a special birthday present.

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Anna said...

I don't think inductions are a bad thing, but also don't think it's for every pregnancy. I do like the idea that the baby comes when ready, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

My first was a week overdue and I had no contractions (not even braxton hicks). Stuck at a 2 forever. I had to induce him for my sanity, and I was worried about trouble for the baby.

My second was a repeat c-section, so we planned the day a week before she was due.

My 3rd was planned for Jan 9th (4 days early), but that week I had bad contraction (never had them before). When I went in that day to have the c-section, they said that she definately would have come that day if I hadn't been scheduled. So I like that she kind of picked her birthday herself.


New babies are awesome.