Sunday, October 25, 2009

Failure of Technology.

I have spent all day thinking it was Daylight Savings today and why the heck did I not hear about it anywhere?

Our new puppy (pictures will be posted sometime this week) is on a strict schedule so we can successfully potty train her before Matt freaks out and scars her for life. One of us has to get up at 7am to let her out and then have breakfast. This morning, I figured that since I was up with Bea anyway, I'd just take her out. I got downstairs and she had already pooped in her kennel aka "den".

Gross. Stinky. Puppy. Poo. All the while Bea is screaming because she hasn't finished eating. The whole baby, puppy, toddler triage thing is tough.

So, I get things under control. Linus is awake, Bea is fed, puppy is fed... and just pooped on my floor again... wait... what?!? So I look at my phone and I'm confused. It says that we are on schedule. Why is she having random bowel movements? I looked at the stove and it said an hour off. Ahh! It's because my phone changed time and it was day light savings and I didn't realize it so we are all an hour off.

Well, just an hour or so ago, Matt was talking to one of his friends and asked him if the daylight savings messed up his day. Apparently, he got the equivalent of a blank stare over the phone. "It's not daylight savings until November 1st."

Oh, it's just my retarded phone totally decided at random to dump an hour. I wonder sometimes if my phone isn't the reincarnation of the kid in high school who made me cry and made my life hell when I saw him. He died not too long after high school in a car accident. Now his mean, awful spirit is stuck in my phone playing practical jokes.

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