Monday, October 5, 2009

FINALLY! some pics.

So, Matt found the cord to our camera so I was able to charge it and take the pics off of it and take some more... not a whole lot more, but some. This is just a small portion of our summer and what Linus and I did.

This is how my silly monkey sleeps. Always some weird position, he almost always ends up in a little pill bug imitation: arms underneath him, straight so his fingers are touching his toes, his legs curled up underneath him and his butt up in the air. It's so cute. He still does the baby frog thing too, on his stomach with his legs frogged out instead of straight.

This is our first experience with chocolate pudding. I am not a fan, will probably not buy it ever again until my youngest is old enough not to get it everywhere. This green onesie you see is permanently stained with chocolate since I don't have the "mom" laundry skills down and I have no idea how to get chocolate out of clothes. He enjoyed it though and fingerpainted his tray for quite a while. I love that he can get his food EVERYWHERE. His face and hair were covered. He even gets it on the dogs. =)

We all went up to my dad's farm to pick some fruit when they started coming on. I want to say that nectarines and peaches are Linus's favorite thing in the whole world. The first time we went up, he was sick, so he cried for quite a while and he hadn't been around my dad and the 4-wheeler enough that it freaked him out and clung to us like his life depended on it. The second time, he did a lot better. This is Linus eating a peach right from the tree... He soon devoured the whole entire thing and lived on the them pretty much until right after Peach Days and they got too ripe. He sure likes to pick them himself to eat. Good thing he loves fruit. Oh, and the tomatoes got eaten pretty quick around our house also. Thanks Dad!

Just wanted to throw in a picture of Moxie. She sure is pretty and we enjoy her quite a bit around here.... most of the time... my crazy pregnant brain doesn't like her as much as my normal, not stresses brain. Oh, and that's Toad's behind, Michael's crazy dog.

Linus loves the water so much, we decided that to save money, we'd just get a little pool and put it out back. It was so stinkin' hot this summer that it was a great way to cool Linus off. I figured it was our "isolated" backyard, so there was no need to go buy water diapers or a swimsuit so, yes, he is naked. He LOVED it!! He spent quite a bit of time squealing and crawling around the grass and just getting dirty and keeping cool. Moxie would come by and drink the water. It got really funny when she'd put her whole face in the water and blow bubbles out her nose. What a weird dog. She's terrified of the sprinklers but loves standing water... shrug.

This one is of Linus smiling at his Uncle Michael. I've never seen a kid ham it up for someone so much before. As soon as he sees Michael, he does everything he can to get him to laugh. He will do anything for a good Michael laugh.

This one is my favorite of Linus. Pure joy. These are my favorite smiles from him and I can never capture them on camera. I was very happy to catch this one!!

Me and Linus first thing in the morning all cozied up for the first cold morning of the fall. Oh... and guess what he has? Ya, my phone. It's all I can do to hide the thing so he doesn't call people. That day he called Nana and left a long message on her phone saying "dadadadada" the whole time. LOL.

I was able to get video of him dancing this day, he usually sees the camera and is so captivated by it and wants to play with it that he'll stop dancing. I'm getting better at this stealth camera stuff.

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Jessica said...

The pictures are adorable! I love the picture that you said Linus was looking at uncle Mike. He must truly adore him!
Good luck with that baby delivery! Tomorrow right?(induction on the 8th) It would be fun to have her born the next day on Jeri's B-day. We'll be thinking about you. Send us the news!