Monday, February 1, 2010

Holidays Part 2

As a kid growing up, there were four things I could always count on.  Christmas and Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa's house and Christmas and Thanksgiving at Granny's house. On one hand I thought it was a little redundant but on the other hand, I loved it and looked forward to it. Redundant? You might ask, well as Granny and Mac were always invited to the Grand's house, and my mom's sister married my dad's brother, that left only one set of cousins that weren't at both. But, it also gave us more time to see and spend time with the set of cousins that lived in Salt Lake City whom we didn't see very often and always enjoyed spending time with.

This last holiday season, we tried to do the same thing. We invited Mac, Aunt Lynne, her kids who lived in town or were visiting, their kids, my mom and dad, and all of us siblings and our kids. Mac unfortunately couldn't make it, but being a pastor in Hyrum, he probably still had a very nice holiday. TJ was in town, so that was great. He stayed at my house a bit during his visit, so we brought him, Tyne's family made it, we had the shindig at Bethany's house, Mom and Dad were there, Aunt Lynne, Mackenzie, Madison and her kids, Chris and Jonelle and their kids.  We did a soup and dessert pot luck. It was delicious and so good and so easy. I'm so glad we were able to get together. We missed you Holsteins, Tishers, and Skylar!!

These first few are of the "kids" table. I just tried to get a few to get all of them in. I love the "cheese" faces they kept giving me. So Cute!!

This pic of Tytan was funny. I called his name and he looked up with that face. That's the only way I can get a decent picture of him. Otherwise he just makes dumb faces or hides.

Mik insisted I take her picture then she wouldn't even smile for it. She makes this spooky creep face on purpose because we laugh at it. I love this little girl. She's got quirks with a capital Q.

Little William "don't call him Liam" Hunter Rollins. He was a perfect mini-Tory for the longest time and now he's starting to really resemble Bethany. Either way, he is the cutest, smiliest, chunk of a baby I've ever seen.

These are the 3 brothers. Tory to be Bethany's husband, my Matthew, and my BIG little brother. I am glad Tory got TJ to laugh instead of the weird creepy face he always makes... huh... kinda like Mikayla. 

Chase. Tyne's youngest who is a month older than Linus.. He is so stinking cute!!! At the bottom I'll post a video you have to watch. He is just a little doll.

Hahaha another "Hey Tytan" and he looked up picture. He's too cute to wast on silly faces. 

Lily Edwards. Chris and Jonelle's little girl. She is a beauty. I see Lynne and Jonelle in her little face. I just love seeing the mixture of family member in their little kids. Oh, and Linus's face. He's sucking on a baby monitor.

Fancy Lady Mackenzie visiting us from Pasadena. Talking to her, I always think that she and Bethany were actually twin spirits and were separated into two babies. They have always been two peas in a pod and they are both so similar. I think I need her to take me shopping. She's got a great sense of style whereas I do not.

Ah, the joys of parenting. Bella insisted on dressing up and so she wore her skirt. Her mom and Gramma had to play dressup along with her. Madison was gracious enough to pose for me in her princess garb.

Tyler in his Broncos jersey and jammy pants. This is a kid after my own heart. He wears them all of the time.

Gavin. He may be my favorite kid ever. I don't know why, he just is. And right by his face is TJ's face pubes.

My hubs won't smile for the camera. This may be the funniest face I've gotten yet. I just wanted to world to see.

My pops sitting and chillin in his chair.  I think he fell asleep.

For some reason, Linus has started to put things in his ear. He was using the mermaid's hand to itch his ear. But on a different note, he does enjoy the dolls. Sorry, Matt, but he does.

Like I mentioned, Tytan doesn't like getting his picture taken and always does something strange. I just couldn't help myself but to take his picture with a Bumbo on his head.

Chris and his wife Jonelle. I love them. They are funny and cute and their kids are adorable. 

Another Matt "face".

I took a picture of Jackson just because I think he is adorable and I love the faces he makes. They remind me of some of my kids pictures minus the ugly hair and freckles.

I think that Tytan and Tyler may be Linus's  favorite people on my side of the family. He loves to play and rough house with them. They can get him to belly laugh every time.

Cute picture of my mom and Bethany.

HAHAHAHAHA! Mikayla was picking on TJ and so I got a picture of it and it just makes me giggle. I will put this with the rest of the funnyface category.

The beautiful Lily. I am sorry she has red-eye. I have a kind of crappy point and shoot camera.

Look at the gorgeous curls!! 

Mikayla- Like mother like daughter. Or Aunt.

I think this is the only picture I got of Lynne.

The two peas.

Bella was putting these on her ears and wearing them like earrings. I tried to get the picture before they fell off, but failed. I did get the one though.

And this is what Bea did the whole time...

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