Monday, February 15, 2010


I don't remember if I wrote this, or a friend, or if I found it somewhere...

You smell the sweet aroma,
You reach your hand out to touch.
The mirage dissapears,
With a slow, warm gust.

What is it that you savour,
Is it acceptance or love?
The thought slowly dissolves,
Slowly slithering off.

You feel you want to linger,
To reach for the sweet moment.
The feeling soon leaves you,
With a stale, transparent thought.

You turn your eyes toward heaven,
As the warm tears sting your eyes.
The loneliness lifts up,
As you forget the painful lies.

The newfound discovery,
Of God's love you have learned.
Love that will never leave you,
Until the end of the earth.

Now things are real to you,
You let God reach out to touch.
Now nothing dissapears,
And nothing ever lost.

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