Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Literature

Miss A suggested a little bit back that as I have been finding old bits of papers I have written, I should share them. I decided that was a good idea. I have found a few poems and random things that either I or someone else has written. I will give credit as credit is due, but as a teenager, I didn't really understand or appreciate the necessity of writing down the author of some things. If any of you know where they are from and can tell me the ones I don't know, that would be great. This first one is from LeAnn. (If you hate that I put this up, let me know and I'll take it down. I just love it and love that you are such a romantic. It always makes me smile and I wish I had more.)

In afternoon, evening, and night,
  I think, ponder, and wonder.
I cannot see if the tunnel gets bright
  but I know there must be an end.
I feel trapped like I am in a cage,
  I see him but he can't see me.
My heart aches so I scream and rage,
  but it's no use, he looks at another.
I think to myself, "Why do I like him?"
  For I know we never agree.
I start to close my eyes as the room grows dim,
  will I ever find love?

-LeAnn Baron Jensen

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Ang said...

I love it. Keep em comin.