Monday, February 8, 2010

The Scream

I wrote this in High School at some point. I am not sure when, there is no date, but it made me giggle. I do remember writing this in my bedroom one day.

Quit screaming, please! Why won't this woman quit screaming in my ear? It is starting to give me a slight headache. The extreme volume of her voice is making the inside of my head vibrate. I have begged and pleaded for her to stop. I am shouting at her now. Please don't scream anymore. You're hurting me. Everything is going black. I feel as though the walls are caving in. Everything is this scream! No, wait, the scream is changing. It is sounding a lot like...well actually...yes that's it. A bell. I breathe a sigh of relief as I knock my alarm clock off of my nightstand and it crashes onto my soft, blue carpet.

-Amanda Rose Bailey

That, my friends, is how I feel everytime I have to wake up to an alarm clock. Still. I set my alarm clock or phone to a song or light jingle and wake up so much better and peaceful than the awful beeping. That is why Matt has put away his screaming meanie and I nudge him every day to get up. Or, his alarm will wake me up from across the house and I will usually get up and make sure he gets up for the day.

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Hollie Wood said...

Alarm clocks stress. me. out!! 'Nuff said!!