Saturday, May 29, 2010

The definition of me today.

Main Entry:idiot
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:very stupid person
Synonyms:blockhead, bonehead, cretindimwit, dork,dumbbell, dunce, foolignoramusimbecilejerk,kook, moronmuttonhead, nincompoop, ninny,nitwit, out to lunch, pinhead, simpletonstupid,tomfool, twit
Notes:an idiot  is a stupid person with a mental agebelow three years, while a moron  is a stupidperson with a mental age of between seven totwelve years

I am not sure after reading this definition if I am actually an idiot or merely a moron... but the fact still stands. Sometimes I am a very stupid person. 

Those of you who know me are probably nodding in agreement... or at least saying to yourself, "Why yes, sometimes you are." Those of you who don't know me so well, are probably thinking that no, I am not an idiot. But that's like saying I don't have freckles. Which I do.

So, we are getting off of a week long stint of sickness at my house. I don't get sick very often. And when I get sick, it's usually just a yucky bug for a day or so and I move on. Matt gets what I've had and he's down for the count. Literally down and dying. 

Linus had been sick with some sort of stomach bug for a couple days and it's been a stinky week for me at home. We started him on Pedialyte stuff to keep him hydrated. Both ends exploding is a messy stinky business. Just as I was ready to call the doctor, he got better. So...I thought, Hey, cool. No doctor visit with two kids to take them in and get one of them sick with something else. 

Sunday evening, I wasn't feeling so hot and made the off handed comment that maybe Matt should stay at home with me so that I could sleep off this bug I think I'm getting. Just to help me out a little for the one time I'm sick in a year and he had the nerve to come down with a more extreme case of exploding ends. And let me just say, he doesn't vomit quietly. *shiver with a hint of gag* 

Sigh. So much for me getting a little rest while I am feeling under the weather. For me, this whole episode consisted of a mild fever, a small episode of upset tummy/diarrhea, and nausea. The aches though. Those were the worse. My neck hurt. My knees hurt. My hips hurt. My back hurt. My head... I don't even know a word in the English language to explain. My. Body. Hurt. (Can you hear the whine in that? I hope so.)

So, I have one muy sick husband. One very healthy toddler. One very healthy creeper baby. And one sick me. We ended up taking turns sleeping and watching the kids which was great. I managed to get in enough sleep that today I actually feel pretty ok. Matt is still having some yucky tummy issues, but I am not sure how much of that is this sickness and how much is his stomach thing he's been dealing with for a year now. 

I figure that both kids are probably pretty stir crazy and I decided to take them out for a stroll. I had some packages to mail and I figured that since I am still in a place in my jean size that I am not happy I'd do something about it. Let's go for a walk to the UPS store kids!! It's just a quick 1.3 mile jaunt down a treacherous hill with crappy sidewalks. No biggie. And really, the way to the UPS store wasn't a big deal. It was very nice and pleasant. 

The way home... well, I guess I forgot that it wasn't downhill both ways. 

If you haven't seen the street I live on, it's kinda pretty much like walking around San Fransisco starting at Embarcadero Street. You can only go up. Or down I guess into the water. But it's not like a slight incline really. It's more like pushing a stroller up the stairs of the Empire State Building. I haven't walked more than a block in a long time. I'm so out of shape. 

We got home, thanks to Linus insisting on helping me push the stroller home. I would have definitely pushed myself to and past my limit of my stamina trying to get home as fast as I can. 
Burn those calories!! 
Burn that fat!! 
Build those muscles!!

Ya, remember we were sick for 4 days? 

I just wanted to repeat that I am an idiot. Way to push myself back to sick. 

I've decided that I didn't get sick like Matt and Linus. I got what celebrities call "exhaustion". I just don't have the luxury of going to the hospital, getting and IV, some good drugs, and sleeping it off. So I am working at staying in this exhausted/migrainy state of being that so far has left me not vomiting yet. YES!! *fist pump*

By the by, before I sign off on this post, I SO have to pimp out my shoes. I bought a pair of Tom's shoes. I have been wanting a pair. Been looking at buying a pair for two years now. Talked to a girl wearing a pair and asked if she liked them. She said she'll never buy another brand of shoes ever again. I finally bought a pair. I will never buy another brand of shoes again (other than my high heels cause they make me feel pretty). After walking that ridiculous walk, my feet don't hurt. My feet aren't swollen, achy, ugh feet that usually happen when I walk too far. I can stand all day at home walking around, cleaning, working and feel FABULOUS!! I love, love, love these shoes. 

Plus they donate a pair of shoes for every pair you buy. Bonus on the good vibes. 

Yup, definitely upgraded myself to moron. I at least wore sensible shoes this time. 

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Jessica said...

Glad you made it home! That hill is killer!
Sorry to hear everybody has been sick. Oh the messes you have to clean up when that happens!

Hope you feel better soon.