Friday, May 21, 2010


does Linus come up with these things?

Most mornings, Linus wakes up around the same time that Matt wakes up to get ready for work. They usually kind of hang out a little, which I love cause #1 I get to sleep a little and #2 they get some daddy/son time. 

Matt turns on the TV to qubo before he leaves in the morning and so Linus is free to kind of run around our bedroom while I work on waking my sorry self up. 

Usually Linus wakes me up by poking me in the eye. Or poking his cup into my face. Or pushing a banana into my face. One day he did get his face as close to mine as he could till I woke up. He squealed then smacked me. Good Morning!

So, this morning, I woke up to Linus licking my cheek. Following the lick with "mmmm-num". 


Who knew I tasted so good in the morning?!? 

Unfortunately, he has started licking my arms, legs, feet, face, belly. Any chance he gets. 

Today, while getting ready to get in the shower, he licked my bum. 

I have a feeling for my own comfort we will no longer have co-ed showers in my house. He's not quite two, but it was too weird for even me. 

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Jinksfam said...

How cute! I love how kids really do say the darndest things!!