Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hit in the head

I'm pretty sure that it is human nature to have a kind of knee jerk reaction to pain.

It's hot, pull back.
It pokes, pull it out. Isn't that how Steve Irwin died?
It squishes, pull away.

Of course, I'm only talking about physical pain. Emotional pain is a different story. Time and time again, we are hurting and we stay in the situation and even delve in further and make it worse.

So, Linus is getting tall enough that he can easily get into the kitchen drawers. He has been for a little while though, but has avoided the sharp drawer due to Mom and Dad's reaction to him trying to get it. So, we have managed to avoid any Linus/knife catastrophes to date.

Today, while bent over the coffee table trying to scrape off toddler crack that goes by the name of Gogurt, Linus hauled off and baseball swung our knife sharpener and hit me right on the bridge of my nose.

My immediate reaction was to throw whatever caused that body tingling, stars above my head, cuckoo sounding, sick down to my toes pain across the room.

I had a nanosecond to mentally override the instinctive knee jerk reaction to avoid the pain and preserve the life of my offspring. I am proud to say I succeeded.

In retrospect, in my nauseous state, am very glad it was the knife sharpener and not one of our knives that kit my nose. I am also very glad it was my nose and not Bea's head.

Child locks are being placed now as I type.

Now, I will go lay down and hope that he didn't break off a sharp piece of nasal bone that will slowly travel to my brain and kill me.  ;)


kelly said...

There better not be a bone fragment. That would really throw a wrench in my weekend plans if you were to shuffle off your mortal coil. Hehe, now I'm going to spend the day listening to the dead parrot sketch in my head.

Anyway, I really wanted to say that I feel you. While I haven't ever received a knife-sharpener to the nose, I regularly get everything you can think of dropped on my feet or opened into my head or hips. Ah, the price of parenthood.

Hollie Wood said...

:O my jaw is seriously dropped right now!!! Oh. My. Freakin. A!!! I can't even imagine, Amanda! I hope you're ok! And although I'm happy Linus's life was preserved, I hope his butt received ample treatment!!