Monday, May 10, 2010


Every once in a while, I have days where there is more going on than there is Amanda to go around. Yesterday was one of those days. There was the Race for the Cure, the Green Celebration in Library Square, an old friend of mine was having her baby shower in Brigham, I had some makeup I needed to drop off to another friend in Brigham, I'd promised my dad I'd come up to help him plant trees. So, I had to skip some and do others. I chose to go to Brigham.

I also found a babysitter for my kids and bought tickets to the 30 Seconds To Mars concert that evening and planned on meeting friends and having dinner before hand. All in all, a very overpacked day. I need to put this preamble in to explain that I started the day off with WAY too much to do, WAY too excited about the concert, so there was a little bit of anxiety and panic going on.

I woke up 2 hours later than I intended Saturday. I meant to run to Brigham early so I could help my dad, run my errands, then come back, be ready and be at dinner on time. Not only did I wake up late, it took me 2 hours to try to get me and the kids ready. I was having a numb brain day and just wasn't very efficient.

I made it to the baby shower late, stayed too long because I haven't seen Darla in quite a while, so I felt I should visit. I made it to my makeup drop off on time, but of course, I stayed too long. I like Karianne and this is the first time I have met her husband and kids. I sat in my car afterwards, not able to find my keys... darn my over busy brain!!

I showed up to help my dad and did as much as I could, but I didn't get near enough done that I would have liked. I needed at least 5 more hours. Which I would have had if I didn't plan on this concert. I did end up leaving Brigham a half hour later than I intended, so I felt very rushed.

I got home, got ready very quick, and as much as I love my darling husband, I don't think he understands time. He lives very much on his own clock. He came in a little after I did, started to do the dishes, and moved at a turtle's pace. By now I am almost in full panic mode. I was supposed to meet my friends for dinner at 4:00. It is now 4:45 and we are just barely leaving the house.... I know I need to relax, but I woke up running late... hard to get out of the rushing, panicky mode.

We got to the Gateway and ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Oh ya, there was a playoff Jazz game. Sigh. Now to find parking somewhere in a 5 mile radius. Not to mention I am wearing heels cause they make me feel pretty. So, we find a parking spot, and start hiking to Happy Sumo. Me carrying Linus. Matt carrying Bea. I'm still in heels.

We start eating, and we aren't all that late for the food to arrive. But Linus started weazing a little, so I gave him a shot of Albuterol. And he turned into a public terror.

Bethany showed up not too long into us eating and we ran out to hand the kids over. I over assume things sometimes, assumed that she'd have a kid's seat for Mikayla because she will be 3 in my mind for a long time, and she's too old for a carseat. Bah! I hoof it to our car 2 blocks away to grab Linus's carseat, grab it, and hoof it back. In NBA season playoff traffic...and heels. And, to make matters even better, the sushi decides that it doesn't want to sit well...AHHHH!

I'm rushing not only to get back to Bethany and to my friends who are still sitting at Happy Sumo, but there may be an accident if I don't get to a restroom NOW!! And did I mention I'm wearing heels. Brand new high heels. And my feet are starting to burn?

10 minutes later, my guts feel better, and 4 of us are standing around planning where to meet, park, etc. for the show. And we take off. Again. I think my feet are bleeding at this point.

We pay for parking, head out to the Rail Event Center... and I'm not really sure what Matt is looking at, but at a stop light, after we had already stopped, his foot slipped off the brake pedal and he rear ended the car in front of us. All I can think, "Can this day get any worse?"

The answer to that is Yes. It can. And it did.

The guy got out of his car, looked at his car, no damage, so he got back in and drove away. Whew. We paid to park for the show, got out, and. the. tickets. are. gone. GONE!! MY FREAKING TICKETS FELL OUT OF MY POCKET!! I looked in the car, I called the sushi place, we went back and looked a little. Gone.

I am so disappointed at this point. I love concerts and this is the first one Matt and I were going to go to since Linus was born. I was so excited. It's hard to find a sitter on Saturday night, have a little extra money for a frivolity, and actually get to go. I rushed all day, anticipated all day, was a bad dinner companion to my friends, and then I have no tickets to get in. I just wanted to cry.

Matt thought maybe we could see a movie and at this point, I didn't want to spend any more money than I already had. I just wanted to go to Bethany's house, pick up the kids, and go home.

The disappointmet was trying to ooze out of my eyes. Almost made it too.

We got to Bethany's house and it turns out, she's having a crisis. Tory is sick, in the ER, and she needed someone to watch not only her baby, but my babies so she could go to the hospital. We showed up, took the kids, and she was able to focus on Tory. How weird is that?

I have an old friend who always said, "God loves a coincedence." It keeps you remembering that there is a higher power out there.

 I felt a little better about the whole evening. The dissapointment was still there. Still is. At least it stopped trying to ooze out of my eyes. I hate crying.


Hollie Wood said...

Holy cow!! What a day you had. I absolutely HATE having days like that. As soon as the ball starts rolling of things going wrong, it seems it won't ever stop. The irony, the disappointment, the never having enough time, the roadblocks in every simple task I try to accomplish...then cue the Sadie monster and Sawyer into the whole mess and it becomes unbearable. I'm sorry you missed your concert and I hope your feet are feeling better! ;P {{BIG HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Good grief Amanda. You know you can always call me & Amanda to babysit. We'd love to anytime.

Sorry you didn't get to go see delicious Jared Leto. That would have been a major bummer for me too. lol He's HOT!!!! Hope things are turning around. Talk to you soon. Whit

EmmaB said...

I'll tend for you! Ask me more often :)Ryan love Linus.

Mandy B said...

I think I was more bummed I didn't get to see delicous Jared Leto than anything. :) And I appreciate the offers of babysitting, but you all know how it is... the one time I need one, and everyone is busy. It's all good. I actually got one this time but she ended up needing us to watch her baby more than we needed the concert.